Women Wanted

April 2006 News

BoatU.S. has launched a new survey to learn more about how women get started in recreational boating.


The boat owners' association has a 15-question survey posted on its website. The survey asks women about their boat training and educational experience. BoatU.S. hopes to share the information in an effort to encourage more women to take up boating.


"There are many reasons why women don't actively boat," Elaine Dickinson, who heads BoatU.S.'s women in boating outreach effort, said in a statement. She cites careers, raising families, lack of on-the-water experience, lack of confidence in skills and lack of mentors as some of the major reasons more women don't participate in the sport.


Dickinson says previous surveys also have identified education and training as a major issue deterring women's participation and enjoyment of boating.


"With this new survey we'd like to find out more about how women learn and acquire skills - what works best and why - when it comes to any watersports such as powerboating, sailing, canoeing and kayaking," Dickinson said.


The association hopes the results help boating educators better tailor their teaching techniques to today's potential boaters.




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