California to Boost Boating Budget

Published online: Jul 14, 2006 News
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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2006-'07 budget includes an $11 million boost to California's Department of Boating and Waterways.


The $83.5 million budget provides an additional $2.5 million for boating law enforcement aid to local governments for a total of $10.6 million. The additional funding is a result of a $10 increase in vessel registration fees, which is collected every two years.


Another $225,000 in federal funds was added to the boating law enforcement equipment grant program as well, increasing that program's budget to $1.2 million.


"With more boats on the water each year, additional law enforcement is needed to provide for public safety," said Raynor Tsuneyoshi, director of Cal Boating, in a statement.


The budget also includes funding to improve public access boating projects, which support tourism and generate revenue for public and private sectors, Tsuneyoshi added.


The budget includes:

? $24.5 million for loans to public agencies to construct and improve marinas

? $3.5 million for loans to marina owners to construct and improve marinas

? $9.6 million for grants to public agencies to construct and improve boat launches

? $5.9 million to construct and improve boating facilities on state lands

? $1.5 million for beach erosion control and restoration projects

? $500,000 for abandoned watercraft abatement grants

? $10 million in federal funds for boating safety and education, including sewage pumpout education


Funding for Cal Boating comes primarily from boating gasoline taxes, vessel registration fees and loan repayments.

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