Royal Purple Introduces High Performance Motor Oil to Marine Industry

August 2006 News

Royal Purple, a leading provider of high performance lubricants for consumer and industry vehicles, recently introduced a new line of high performance motor oils that delivers exceptional performance in marine-specific engines.  From jet skis to racing boats to CEO-sized yachts, Royal Purple's new TCW III and TCW III Racing lines are now available for every maritime need. 


The expansion into the marine industry is a natural fit for the company.  Since 1986, Royal Purple has gained a loyal following and continually raised industry standards for performance, fuel economy, and durability of synthetic motor oil. 


Using its proprietary Synerlec technology, Royal Purple delivers a product that has been shown in independent testing to increase horsepower and torque while improving gas mileage and lowering emissions.  Industry experts from major research universities and industry publications have consistently found that Royal Purple products outperform conventional mineral-based and synthetic oils.


For instance, researchers at North Carolina State University reported that using Royal Purple in gasoline engines increased fuel economy by 3 percent over premium synthetic oils and increased fuel economy by as much 5 percent over name brand mineral oils.  Additionally, reporters at Hot Rod Magazine observed a 2.5 percent increase in horsepower and 1.5 percent increase in torque when they substituted Royal Purple high performance oil and Royal Purple differential fluid for conventional lubricants.  The company now aims to bring the same level of performance and quality to the marine industry with its new products.


"Our proprietary chemistry is what gives our products their unparalleled film strength," said lead Royal Purple chemist Dr. A.J. Gustavsen. "The high film strength improves sealing for more complete combustion, which translates into fuel economy improvements, increased horsepower and reduced emissions."


For smaller outboard motors and jet skis, Royal Purple has developed its 2-cycle TCW III - a high-grade oil that increases performance and reduces wear in both standard and high performance two-cycle gasoline engines.  The product's low coefficient of friction allows engines to operate with greater combustion efficiency, improving horsepower and keeping spark plugs and exhaust ports cleaner.    According to Dr. Gustavsen, Royal Purple's 2-cycle TCW-III prevents wear and keeps engine bearings clean, meaning fewer oil changes for jet ski and small watercraft owners. 


For racing boats, engineers at Royal Purple have developed 2-cycle TCW III Racing.  Recommended for use in pre-mix two-cycle engines, TCW III Racing is a special purpose racing oil, designed not only to increase horsepower and acceleration, but to maximize an engine's top speed as well.


In addition to the TCW lines, Royal Purple has recently introduced a line of products suited for larger marine engines.  These heavy-duty lubricants not only increase performance and fuel economy like their small engine counterparts, but also provide superior oxidation stability over conventional mineral-based and synthetic oils.  The ability of Royal Purple to withstand oxidation extends the life of the oil greatly; saving time and money and reducing the amount of oil that must be disposed of.

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