Kids Fishing Hall of Fame

September 2006 News

Whether it's the first fish ever caught or a tale from a memorable fishing trip, proud parents everywhere are showcasing their kids' accomplishments in the Kids Fishing Hall of Fame.  Featuring tomorrow's anglers and the future guardians of our lakes, streams and oceans, you have a place to recognize your favorite little angler.


The new Kids Fishing Hall of Fame features photos and stories about kids who have caught on to a fun activity they can enjoy for years to come. Recognizing kids' accomplishments on the water, no matter how big or small, the section encourages families to experience the fun of boating and fishing.


Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to nominate kids for the Hall of Fame by submitting a story and photo about the time they've shared on the water.

You can nominate a kid in the following four categories and even create a custom certificate to commemorate their achievements on the water.

The First Fish: 

It's a day everyone remembers. The first they ever caught or the first catch of the day. 

The Big Catch: 

Kids who catch the big fish or a lot of fish in one day.  A showcase of individual and family bests.

The Strange & Hilarious: 

Seagull ate the catch?  Caught a tire? Funny stories that made the day memorable.

The Best Fishing & Boating Buddy: There's never a bad day on the water.  Many times it's about spending time together.  


Visit today to read stories and nominate your favorite little angler. 

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