Wisconsin boaters to hear from wardens this Labor Day weekend

Published online: Sep 07, 2007 News
"There will be a real strong contingent of wardens out to work with the public to make sure their Labor Day holiday is safe and that they're taking the steps necessary to prevent the spread of invasive species and VHS, a new fish disease," said Karl Brooks, deputy chief warden of the Department of Natural Resources, in a statement.
The wardens will focus on educating boaters about preventing the spread of invasive species, about the law that makes it illegal to launch a boat with plants attached, and about emergency rules in effect to prevent the spread of viral hemorrhagic septicemia, or VHS, from waters where the virus has been confirmed or is suspected to be in fish.
Paid and volunteer watercraft inspectors will be stationed at public landings on many popular recreational waters. The DNR has a small corps of watercraft inspectors, and provides grants to a growing number of counties for their watercraft inspection efforts.

For more information on aquatic invasive species and what people can do to help prevent their spread, visit the invasive species pages of the DNR Web site,