Acme's New Kastmaster Kit

Published in the June 2008 Issue Published online: Jun 26, 2008
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When it comes to fooling wary gamefish in fresh or salt water, there is only one thing better than one of Acme Tackle Company's time-proven Kastmaster spoons. That would be a wide selection of Kastmaster spoons in the most popular sizes and colors -precisely what anglers get with Acme's KT-15 Kastmaster Kit.

With the six spoons in Acme's KT-15 Kastmaster Kit, fishermen will be covered for a wide variety of lure fishing activities - from trout, bass and panfish in fresh water to reds, stripers or snapper blues in salt water. This specially designed kit includes three different sizes of the popular Kastmaster, each size in two of Acme's most versatile colors-Chrome and Gold. The Chrome and Gold Acme Kastmasters provide maximum flash appeal, drawing in fish from long distances. The ability to reflect, regardless of the availability of natural light, makes these colors ideal for cloudy days, stained waters or fishing in low-light conditions.

In the new KT-15 kit, anglers get two 1/12-ounce Acme Kastmasters that are ideal for ultralight fishing for crappie, backcountry trout and other gamefish that like to feed on small minnows and fry. The 1/8-ounce Kastmasters are ideal for fishing mountain streams or when additional depth and distance are needed in freshwater lakes. This Kastmaster's size and enticing swim action are also perfect when working schools of ravenous snapper bluefish. The two 1/4-ounce Kastmasters included in the kit are probably the most versatile light-tackle lures ever made. The 1/4-ounce Kastmaster can be trolled or cast in deeper waters for trout, fished in rivers for salmon and steelhead, or worked around brushpiles and points for lunker largemouth. In salt water, this long-casting spoon lets fishing enthusiasts reach feeding bluefish, tailing reds or school stripers.

The Acme Kastmaster has been, and will continue to be, a respected fish-catching tool for generations to come. This lure's unique slab-sided shape and balance helps anglers cast like a bullet-even in a stiff wind-so they can present the lure to further fish. Kastmaster is designed to swim in a realistic action pattern when retrieved or trolled at any speed, without twisting the line. Its "wounded baitfish" flutter on the fall also makes it deadly when vertically jigged for gamefish oriented to deep drop-offs or holding in a thermocline.

For more information about Acme's KT-15 Kastmaster Kit - packed with six Kastmaster spoons for a variety of spin fishing situations - visit your tackle dealer or contact Acme Tackle by calling 401-331-6437, or visit

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