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The debate between the pros and cons of U-shaped versus round pontoon logs is one that has no end in sight. But for Ercoa, its secret to nearly 40 successful years in the pontoon business is hexagon-shaped pontoons. At first glance, the six-sided pontoons can't help but catch your attention. In an industry that is always looking to stand out from its competition, Ercoa's unique pontoons have been the backbone for this Minnesota-based manufacturer for years. Ercoa uses only hexagon pontoons throughout its entire line of pontoon boats, which are known as Hextoons throughout the pontoon industry.

"When you compare the round pontoons with our Hextoon, you'll notice our Hextoons are 20 percent larger and have a flat bottom," explains Ercoa's John Reibel. "This increases buoyancy and, more important, lift. Lift reduces drag and enables our boats to plane on top of the water. With less drag, your motor runs more efficiently, boosts power and provides greater maneuverability."

Since 1971 when Richard Compton and W.J. Roster purchased the non-producing company, Ercoa has been letting consumers know that its Hextoons will allow you to carry more gear, accommodate more people and ride higher in the water so you can have a safe, enjoyable outing with family and friends.

The 23-foot Flagship Elite is one of Ercoa's luxury and performance models and is also one of its most popular in its impressive line of boats. The three-logged Flagship Elite uses 30-inch diameter Hextoons and is loaded with standard features including a Flexsteel helm chair for the captain as well as a galley with a miniature fridge with shore power. Other notable features on the Flagship Elite models include a Deluxe CD/MP3 player with kicker speakers, a full changing room, track floor lighting as well as a Sport enclosure.

Timeless and elegant, the Flagship Elite reacts to every touch of the throttle or turn of the helm's wheel and is engineered to provide unparalleled performance and stability. It truly is one of those pontoon boats that you really need to drive yourself before you can fully appreciate the difference of hexagon-shaped pontoons.

The Flagship Elite is just one example of how Ercoa provides quality in places you can see, as well as in places you can't. Engineered for strength, longevity and environmental compatibility, each Ercoa pontoon boat is constructed using only the highest quality materials. Ercoa's knowledge of how to use those fine materials is even more important to the quality of the boat that is built.

Ercoa stresses the basic principal of building every boat at a level well above the standard. For example, its deck assembly is designed to distribute the stress of rough water equally to all parts of the deck, which ensures structural integrity.

Plus each Ercoa pontoon boat is engineered not only to comply with all U.S. Coast Guard Safety Standards, but to meet or exceed the National Marine Manufacturers Association Certification program. Under this certification program, every model is inspected by an outside independent inspection agency.

Other popular model lines from Ercoa include the Clipper, Sunskipper and the PT Boat series. For those looking for more of an entry-level model, the "E" Boat line has plenty to offer. Available in 17-, 19- and 21-foot lengths, the "E" Boat is an affordable, dependable model that is designed for new families or for those who just want to get out on the water and play. Engineered with the same high quality that is used in all Ercoa boats, the "E" pontoon is built to last and will give owners years of dependability and family fun.

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