AE Xenide

Published in the August 2008 Issue Published online: Aug 26, 2008

The new AE Xenide "Personal Searchlights" usher in a new class of flashlight that delivers 10 times the lumen output of a standard incandescent flashlight, making them a must-have for boating, or as an emergency light anywhere. Using patent-pending technology, Xenides incorporate the same High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting you'll find in a Mercedes Benz or BMW headlight, and deliver 10 times the lumen output of a standard incandescent flashlight.

Rechargeable lithium batteries deliver power for two hours plus, depending on model used. Unlike ordinary flashlights that use alkaline or metal hydride batteries, lithium ion hold their charge longer, allowing Xenides to be used immediately even after prolonged storage. Originally designed for law enforcement, border patrol, search and rescue, maritime interdiction, and long-range target identification, Xenides are also a self defense tool-if shined in your adversary's eyes, its powerful and bright HID light will cause disorientation.

Xenides, available in three models, include standard charger LED indicator, AC and DC chargers, shoulder strap, lens and end cap protectors, lens cloth and black plastic molded travel case. For maximum versatility, a 12/24-volg DC charger is available so it can be charged in your boat. These models start at $329.99. For more information or to locate a dealer, please visit: