I See The Light

Published in the August 2008 Issue August 2008

The last thing that most boaters think about when they load up first thing on a sunny summer morning to head out for a day on the lake is what safety lighting they may need. After all, what more could you need than the sun-the biggest, brightest bulb out there? Well, as many well-seasoned boaters know, weather conditions can turn nasty quickly, making even the most seasoned captain run for shore. Things can get challenging in a hurry when you boat in foggy areas, rain squalls or at night-you'll have a far greater need for quality navigation and emergency lights.

U.S. Coast Guard federal requirements state that you must maintain a visual distress signal-generally referring to flares-onboard at all times when boating on open water, but it's always a smart bet to keep equipment on hand when boating on inland lakes as well. And with all the products offered by marine-specific lighting companies, a little planning will go a long way in the event you find yourself needing a little extra glow.

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