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Published in the August 2008 Issue August 2008

You've likely made a sizable investment in your boat, and in all of the accessories and aftermarket items as well. One thing you'll want to make sure you don't do is skimp on the cover. After all, it's what will stand between your boat and the elements as you trailer and also helps to keep it clean.

There are a few options out there for keeping your boat clean, but it stands to reason that it's much easier to cover your boat with a quality product to keep the soil, mildew and water away in the first place than it is to have to clean it should you leave it uncovered. Where there is soil on your boat, you're bound to find mildew. Keep it away. With that in mind, why not make sure you're getting the best cover you possibly can to protect your boat?

MarChem Coated Fabrics, Inc. has some solutions to help keep your boat in top condition. Top Notch marine fabric is one. It has the goods to back up the name in that it combines the best features of solution-dyed acrylics with premium polyesters. That makes it colorfast; water, oil and soil repellent; breathable and aesthetically pleasing--all of the characteristics you want for longevity.

The list of strengths of this fabric goes on, including greater dimensional stability, superior tear strengths, as well as better abrasion resistance of premium polyester.

It is an 840 Denier solution-dyed, woven polyester with fluorocarbon finish and is manufactured at 60 inches wide at 11.5 ounces per square yard.

Top Gun is another of MarChem's fine products. It is manufactured at 62 inches wide and is a highly water repellant, 11-ounce, acrylic coated woven polyester fabric. It doesn't crack or peel from snow, wind or rain, and it does not harden. A wide variety of colors of this fabric are available to match the color scheme of your boat.

Topyssey is a little lighter option at 8.5 ounce, 60 inches wide. You'll find the same MarChem quality in this medium weight fabric-also water repellent, durable, abrasion resistant. It is designed more for use for mooring covers, bimini tops and enclosures.

The Odyssey III is manufactured at 64 inches wide and 6.5 ounces, so it's one of the lighter fabrics suitable for protecting BBQ grills, gazebos, playground equipment and patio furniture, but also very useful for a boat cover. It has a clear acrylic backcoat to enhance water resistance.

You may want the Softouch by Odyssey, a different and unique marine fabric with the characteristics of the Odyssey III fabric combined with a soft, non-abrasive, non-woven back. This is one you'll want to consider for protecting things that are a little more sensitive to scratching. It has been used for wooden boats, outboard motors, high-end bass and jet boats as well as any other sensitive, gel-coated or painted surface.

MarChem manufactures and treats all of its fabrics for water, weather, mildew, abrasion and rot resistance-accomplishing the goal of a worry-free product. You want to protect your boat and keep it clean, but you'll also want to make sure you are getting the optimal protection from your cover. That's not to say you're dealing with a high maintenance cover by any means, but you want to take care of anything you invest in. Other products in its line to help out with this include Aqua-Tite silicone water repellent treatment, Odyssey IV flame retardant tent material, Amerglo nighttime reflective safety fabric, Para Seal anti-fray fabric treatment and Holiday flame retardant awning fabric.

Located one hour west of St. Louis, Mo., in New Haven, this subsidiary company of DASH Multi-Corp manufactures other coated fabric applications as well. Its capabilities are furthered by a high-tech microprocessor-control finishing line. It is able to manufacture many different widths of fabrics at various speeds in most any finish or coating.

Its coatings adhere to rigid specifications not only for commercial use but also military applications, with both acrylic and urethane systems applicable to many synthetic and natural substrates. Its laboratory is fully equipped, and also government certified with experienced chemists and technicians on staff. The staff completes the whole process of developing, testing and monitoring the products with the goal of highest performance standards as well as consistency and uniform production.

In some cases the product is available to boat manufacturers, but most of MarChem's fabric is offered through a whole distributor network servicing marine canvas shops throughout the U.S. As a boat buyer you are able to specify one of its fabrics through your local canvas shop.

MarChem's motto is "Quality control is paramount in everything we do," as it strives for excellence from product development to manufacturing and customer service. To find out more contact MarChem at 800-343-6326 or 573-237-4444. You may also log on to its website at

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