F-450 Super Duty

Published in the September 2008 Issue September 2008

The 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty, one of the industry's most capable full-size heavy-duty work trucks, comes equipped with even more capability in response to strong initial customer demand for the highest-end, most capable Super Duty, which includes the all-new Ford F-450, is the first-ever Class 4 pickup from the factory.

Upgrades include select F-350 dual-rear-wheel (DRW) models that can be outfitted with the F-450's front suspension with the segment's best turning radius. The heavier-duty front suspension also has larger axles that give the truck more payload and towing capability. The new Super Duty is available with a new Rearview Camera System with a unique rear-view-mirror-mounted display, allowing the drivers to clearly view objects behind the vehicle in their natural sightlines while reversing.

The F-Series Super Duty pickup builds on Ford's full-size truck capability leadership by offering best-in-class payload, gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) and trailer tow ratings. Super Duty features a bold look inside and out, an all-new, more powerful, state-of-the-art Power Stroke V-8 Turbo Diesel and a host of innovative features not found on any other truck.

The F-450 pickup rides on a unique chassis. It incorporates a new rear leaf-spring suspension while using the radius arm front suspension from the F-450 chassis cab. This set-up provides for the tightest turning radius in its class, greatly improving maneuverability when towing. The F-450 pickup further widens the capability gap, offering a maximum payload of more than 6,000 pounds and towing capacity of more than 24,000 pounds-a 5,000-pound increase over the class-leading F-350.

Every Super Duty frame has been engineered with safety in mind. The front portion of the frame has been lowered seven inches, allowing the new frame to meet vehicle compatibility standards without the need for add-on components. The new design also improves cooling and provides a solid foundation for the hydro-formed body structure.

The newly designed leaf-spring rear suspension delivers superior ride and handling in all load situations. Eight-inch longer springs attach farther forward on the frame, giving the vehicle more balance and better control. New damper tuning further improves Super Duty's confident feel on the road.

The Super Duty is the first truck in the industry to use a high-strength steel front body structure. The patented structure, made up of two side rails welded to the bulkhead and frame, creates a rigid foundation, eases assembly and delivers higher quality and better fit and finish.

Ford's available TowCommand System still includes the industry's first factory-installed and warranteed electronic trailer brake controller, offering smoother operation and stronger trailer brake activation when the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is operating.

Ford's TowCommand System also includes the TorqShift transmission with tow-haul mode and trailer tow mirrors. TorqShift with tow-haul mode changes shift points under acceleration, keeping the truck at a higher rpm and further up in the power range. Tow-haul also prevents the transmission from up-shifting when the vehicle crests a hill, and it provides downhill braking that allows the transmission to downshift, letting engine-compression braking slow the vehicle and maintain a steady speed while going downhill.


Ford F-450

Super Duty Crew Cab XLT 

Engine: (6.4L Power Stroke

Diesel V-8) V-8 iron block and heads Displacement: 390.5 cubic inches

Horsepower: 350hp

Torque: 650 pounds per foot

Brakes: Vacuum/hydro-boost, ABS

(Crew Cab, 4WD)

Overall length: 246.2 inches

Overall width: 79.9 inches

Overall height: 75.6 inches

Headroom: 41.4 inches

Legroom: 41 inches (front), 41.8 inches (rear)

Seating capacity: 5 or 6 people

Inside box height: 20.1 inches

Fuel capacity: 51.5 gallons

Towing capacity: 21,600 pounds


There's a time and a place for an SUV. They're spacious, they look cool, and they take you where you want to go, but there's nothing that beats the classic pickup truck. Born as a "Ford Model T runabout with pickup body," in 1925, they featured a cargo box, adjustable tailgate, four stake pockets and heavy-duty rear springs. Three years later, they were replaced by a Model A with a 40hp engine. My, how far they've come.

Throughout much of the 20th Century, this unique vehicle has strictly been known as a man's vehicle, but recent years have shown even the females of our species prefer it. Who can blame them? It's got space for you and a couple friends, a bed to haul stuff and torque that draws out the caveman (or cavewoman) in all of us. Here are some brand new options from some of the best-selling truck manufacturers out there, pickups that will pull your pontoon or deck boat up that pass on your way to the lake. But, if you choose one of these trucks, we offer this disclaimer: Don't come crying to us when you suddenly become the go-to guy in the neighborhood for moving or hauling services.

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