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Published in the September 2008 Issue September 2008

In search of a high-quality, reliable trailer to more than keep up with your trailering needs? Good news. We have done the legwork for you and brought the information right to your fingertips, so you need look no further than our annual boat trailer guide to find a trailer that fits your boat and suits your needs.

Bear Trailers

You don't want to have to worry about how your trailer is going to look with your boat, and especially not about how it's going to perform. After all, it's not only hauling your boat, it's hauling your investment. You want a smooth and dependable tow for it, and when you arrive at the lake you want an easy launch. Bear Trailers realizes this, and so a lot of thought has gone into the details of manufacturing the right trailer for you.

Some of the models offered by Bear include the PB Series for Pontoons, PB Tandem Series for Pontoons, PB 13 Series for Pontoons, PB 13 Tandem Series for Pontoons and CFR Series for Fiberglass Runabouts.

All models manufactured by Bear have a powder-coated finish, using Protech Powder, for durability as well as to ensure low maintenance. This is the highest grade TGIC Polyester made and makes for a tough outer shell. It is also flexible and impact and corrosion resistant.

Bear has considered all the details. Since sitting on an ill-fitted trailer can cause problems with your boat over time, it is important that you outfit your boat with the right fit. Bear can help you choose the right model for this. Another fine feature of these trailers is the patented Ultrastep, easy access ladder. It makes getting in and out of the boat much easier, which is an added bonus to the already well-thought-out Bear product line.

In addition to a dependable, durable, high-quality trailer, it also offers the new and patented Trail Guard Security System. Approximately 25,000 trailers are stolen each year, and this system guards well against loss. There is nothing like having that added protection for your investment. It locks into place as easy as it is to load or launch your boat. You get the total package with Bear trailers.


Continental Trailers

Since 1975 Continental Trailers has been moving and shaking the industry with its innovative trailers. That means that over 25 years of design, engineering and testing has gone into bringing you a product built to withstand the extreme saltwater environment of Florida and the tropics. This company continues that tradition of innovation in design of dependable, high-quality trailers today.

Manufacturing takes place in a 50,000-square-foot facility in Miami, Fla., and in an 18,000-square-foot facility in Clearwater, Fla., Continental uses the most current manufacturing equipment available, and its experienced and well-trained staff creates a product built to last. To ensure quick delivery, the company also has 12 delivery trucks covering Florida on a daily basis.

With several pontoon and deck boat trailers in its line, they are sure to have a model to meet your needs. These trailers range from 24 to 33 feet, with or without brakes, and are 96 inches wide.

Galvanized trailers with no paint and no aluminum were the original product, since the saltwater environment of Miami wouldn't be friendly to either. However, they have expanded now to use aluminum, but still without any paint. The pontoon trailers are galvanized, with standard galvanized wheels as well, waterproof lights, a bearing lubrication system and optional ladder on the front. Also standard are plastic bunk covers, making boats easier to launch and retrieve. Hundreds of Continental dealers are located throughout the country. Contact them to find a dealer nearest you.

Extreme Trailers

If you're looking for a trailer that is functional and also enhances the appearance of your boat, Extreme Trailer offers that option. Many pontoons seem to spend more time on a trailer than in water, so Extreme has made sure that you're getting the maximum appeal as it focuses on construction issues some may not think of.

This California-based company is proud to offer an extensive explanation of its trailers on its comprehensive website as well. Your trailer is custom-fit to your boat, not only offering the perfect fit, but optimal protection. After all, your boat is no small investment, and you want to protect that.

A variety of color schemes is available to accent any pontoon boat, and with special attention to custom fit and design, no details are left out of the equation. You'll find top-quality components including bolt-on fenders making for easy repair and replacement. These boats also sport stainless steel fasteners or reduced corrosion. No corners are cut in production of this line. The best materials go into each one, and all parts are hand-selected for quality control. All joints are caulked before the painting process begins, using the exclusive Extreme Paint Prep process and then finished with the finest quality paints.


EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers

EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers has three lines of trailers on the market today, which leaves you with great options for your trailering needs. The EXL Series, which has been the trailer model series for deck boat models in recent years, has been replaced by the new Mystic series. The Mystic series incorporates some of the past options into standard features: retractable tie-downs, rear illumination lights and electro-luminescent lights (which feature a spot for a boat or dealer logo). You'll also find features such as a tubular step design, torsion axles w/UFP oil bath hubs, UFP in-line swing tongue to resist marring and scratching, polished aluminum 6-spoke wheels and grommet hole covers for wiring. Mystic also offers an optional feature for a fender upgrade with Jet Age Palomar composite fenders. These fenders are chip- and dent-resistant, and also have the advantage of being bolted on rather than welded so that replacement is easy. If you don't want a custom-fitted trailer but would like the adaptability of adjustability, EZ Loader provides the solution of adjustable bunks.

The Illusion series hit the trailer market with a bang in 2006. With all the bells and whistles, it's gone even further in 2008 and continues to be a high-quality trailer series. Many of the past optional features for this series have been carried over into standards for this line as well. These include 20-inch wheels and tires, 11-inch fenders, underwater launching lights, stainless steel fender and more. But what is really new is the spring-loaded, retractable side guides, heavy-duty jack and stainless steel hardware-just some of the brand new features on an already great trailer.

You'll find a lot of extra features on the pontoon series that you won't on the average trailer. For instance, the executive package features the EZ-patented Cut Out Lighted Steps with aluminum tread-plate, painted steel fenders and custom color match paint and pin stripe. Also included in this package are disc brakes on one axle, oil bath hubs and OWL radial tires mounted on chrome wheels.

EZ Loader trailer options include spare tire and carrier, triple-tube feature and adjustable bunks. This company has over 50 years of experience in the industry, making it a reliable manufacturer you can trust. With a manufacturing and distributing network that covers ten states, they still maintain their philosophy of quality on every model.

Hoosier Trailers

Here's how it started for Hoosier Trailers. John Cripe (founder of J.C. Pontoons) had been working at Sylvan boats in Wolcottville, Ind., in 1954 and was in need of a trailer to transport his boat to Sylvan Lake. Phil Spreuer of Spreuer & Son, Inc. was already making brackets and nose cones for Cripe's boats and decided to find a way to transport them. That was the beginning of Hoosier Pontoon Boat Trailers. A few trailers were manufactured from 1955 through 1958, and in January 1959, Hoosier Trailers were in full production, selling 168 units.

The Classic Series evolved from the original stationary bed trailer. The trailers featured a unique winch, cable and sheave system that allowed boaters to lift their boats off the ground, transport them to their destinations and launch them into the water. These trailers are still very popular yard trailers in marinas throughout the United States.

The BX series trailer was added to the Hoosier line in April of 1985. These heavy-duty models were built for I/O pontoons. A cantilever style trailer with a large opening for I/O pods, this trailer is the choice of many marina dealers for yard trailers. The strong rectangular tube design, 2500-pound torsion axles and easy-lift cable systems allows dealers to lift small pontoons as well as large I/O boats. These trailers are available with a manual brake winch, 4000-pound electric winch, or a hydraulic lift system. BX trailers are available in a 44-inch or 48-inch width and electro-coat painted black or galvanized.

Spreuer & Son, Inc. introduced the float-on series trailer into its line in 1988. Originally a narrow, 50-inch based trailer, it turned into the WFB series with an 84-inch axle base after two years. This heavy-built, float-on trailer is now Hoosier's biggest seller. Available in 13 sizes to accommodate all lengths of pontoons, these single- to triple-axle trailers can be built with brakes (hydraulic, electric or disc), triton kits and swing-away tongue assemblies. All WFB Trailers are electro-coat painted black or hot dip galvanized, have 2700-pound torsion axle with 10-inch E range tires and step stand assemblies.

Spreuer & Son built the first pontoon boat trailer in 1955. A half century later, its products can be found throughout America's waterways. Thousands of boaters and marinas have enjoyed these durable trailers over the years.


Phoenix Trailers

Looking for options for a high performance yet low maintenance trailer? Phoenix Trailers may have just what you need. Its focus is manufacturing trailers that load easier, tow smoother and last longer with a minimum amount of maintenance required.

Phoenix Trailers can be built for all deck boats available on the market and are available in single- and double-axle models. They are all custom-built for the specific boat model, with a custom bunk configuration that tailors the placement and angle of bunks to provide optimal hull support.

Phoenix painted steel trailers are finished for durability with automotive grade paint that stands up to the toughest hauling and water conditions over the long term, and can be custom color matched to the boat, giving an aesthetically pleasing look as well. All deck boat trailers are built with the latest advance in axles, the maintenance-free UFP Vault Hybrid Lube Axle. Even details down to having Goodyear radial tires on chrome directional rims balanced to ensure a smooth tow are standard. Phoenix has reduced the need for maintenance to a bare minimum. Composite fender pads that will not rot are used in manufacturing.

Premium treated bunk lumber and stainless steel lag screws are used for mounting bunk boards. McGard lug nuts are guaranteed for the life of your trailer never to rust.

And in the quest to continually raise the bar on the quality, all deck boat trailers from 2008 onward will include LED lights, with a lifetime warranty, as a standard feature. Swing tongues are also standard on all painted deck boat trailers with capacity up to 5,700 pounds, a valuable feature when storage space is at a premium. Popular options include a spare tire and mount, stainless steel fenders or an upgrade to aluminum Mag wheels. Saltwater boaters will want to ask their dealer about Phoenix Aluminum trailers.

The Phoenix pontoon trailers feature the same quality materials and construction built in to every Phoenix custom trailer, but in a configuration designed to meet the demanding requirements for trailering pontoon boats. They can be built for dual-tube and triple-toon boats, with single and tandem axles, with load capacities up to 5,500 pounds. Every pontoon trailer comes equipped with horizontal load guides that provide an easy target for loading the pontoon, a swing-up wheel jack, a deluxe ladder and bow stop and disc brakes on all models that include brakes.

You can find a Phoenix Trailer for any deck or pontoon boat on the market today, including Kayot, Hurricane and Azure deck boats, Harris FloteBotes, Premier and Bennington pontoons.


Rolco Trailers

Art Roll began manufacturing boat trailers out of a small fabrication and welding shop in Wichita, Kan., in 1956, a business now known as Rolco Trailers. Two years later Bob and Barbara Webb purchased the company and incorporated the business. In 1963, they moved the business to Chanute, Kan., where Rolco boat trailers is located today, 44 years later. Rolco celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and is proud of its five decades of experience as one of the leading manufacturers of boat trailers in the country.

You'll find a complete line of boat and personal watercraft trailers at Rolco. Its fully adjustable trailers will adjust to fit virtually any boat on the market. Its top-of-the-line Signature Series trailer is custom-fit to the boat of your choice when you order your boat from your dealer. They build trailers from 10 feet to 45 feet to accommodate a smaller fishing pontoon or a high-end deck boat. Whatever the need, they have built it.

Pontoon boats and deck boats are becoming more and more popular every year. These boats have evolved over the years, as have Rolco trailers. Its pontoon and deck boat trailers offer some of the best design features on the market. It won't be long before the industry will demand the same unique custom features that we've come to expect with fiberglass boats. Rolco is ready for the future, today.

With some of the best standard features in the industry, boat enthusiasts can look forward to arriving at the lake safely and in style. On top of that, last year Rolco Trailers moved into its new 144,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and purchased a brand new powder coat line so they can continue to provide custom matched powder coat paint for a durable and great-looking finish that will last for years.

Over the past 50 years there have been many changes in the boating industry. Rolco Trailers has embraced those changes and will continue to be a leader in promoting positive change for the future. You'll find that same "quality through experience" with Rolco trailers well into the future.


ShoreLand'r Boat Trailers

Since 1971, Iowa-based ShoreLand'r has been building trailers that "go the extra mile." Its complete line of NMMA-certified trailers covers everything from personal watercraft to big, 15,000-pound cruisers. You'll find a variety of specialized models for hauling pontoons and deck boats in the ShoreLand'r line.

Long-term dependability and ease of use has been its focus, as it realizes that a top-quality trailer will perform better and last longer.

With this in mind, ShoreLand'r production begins with heavy-duty steel frames and a welded Uni-frame construction, meaning less flex and longer trailer life. All models are engineered to keep the boat riding low for less wind resistance. This makes launching and loading easier and also provides better gas mileage out on the highway.

While ShoreLand'r offers aluminum and galvanized trailers, their painted steel models are the most popular. A unique powder-coating process that creates a deep-luster, automotive-style finish is used for durability in finish.

The patented EquiLoad support system featured on most models is available with bunks or rollers. Roller models incorporate a unique roller design with soft, non-marking rollers that conform to the boat for easier centering and better support. The bunk version uses self-adjusting bunks that pivot to evenly distribute the weight. This protects your boat with equalized support and smoother launching and loading.

Out on the highway, factory-balanced wheels provide better performance and less vibration, which is important since vibration can wreak havoc with your boat's sensitive electronic equipment.

ShoreLand'r puts special emphasis on safety, featuring disc brakes to protect your boat, and more importantly your family, during an emergency. Brakes are included as standard equipment on all models with carrying capacities over 3,000 pounds.

Another priority is easier maintenance so their customers can relax and focus on the fun of boating. ShoreLand'r does this by incorporating features such as grease-pack hubs with bearing protectors. These prolong bearing life and prevent breakdowns, without the hassle of oil-bath systems.

ShoreLand'r offers a line of specialized models that incorporate unique features and accessories.

Triton Trailers

Trend-setting Triton Pontoon Trailers offers lift-style pontoon trailers to give you the freedom to launch your boat practically anywhere. The low profile design lets you confidently launch at shallow landings and in low water conditions, making a lift-style pontoon trailer perfect for getting into and out of practically any body of water anytime of the year. The DOP (drive-on pontoon) trailers are a bunk style trailer that have a lower towing height than most trailers of their kind and still have all those great Triton features.
Triton's cantilever lift-style trailers provide you with a very low-water launching capability and more possibilities for storage. Many fine features are standard on Triton Pontoon trailers like two back guide rollers, rubber torsion axles, a grease zerk fitting on the hinge areas, tongue jack, sealed lights, molded wire harness with no splices, adjustable bow stops and more.

The "E" style pontoon trailer is the perfect choice if you launch your boat just a couple of times a year. The E-Series models have the same quality as any Triton Trailer. Its basic features and simplicity are the bases of these trailers, which offer a skid plate tongue jack and basic wire system. Side rollers can be sold separately.


Yacht Club Trailers

HLT Limited based in Humboldt, Iowa, has been focused on protecting the investment boat buyers are so proud to have made, for over 25 years. Its philosophy of quality, durability and style in manufacturing shines through in its product, and it's a combination you want in a trailer with so much riding on it.

Yacht Club understands that you deserve a trailer you can rely on-one that will last through the lifetime of your boat. These trailers are designed and built with this in mind. From the welded steel, tubular, full-radius frame to high-quality powder paint finishing, you can depend on a Yacht Club trailer to deliver.

HLT Limited brought a fully custom pontoon trailer to its line for 2008. Yacht Club's sister company Eagle Trailer, of Homer, Mich., offers pontoon buyers all the bells and whistles of Eagle's top-quality custom models. From chrome rims, disc brakes and welded bunks, to boat-brand-matched color and graphics, this trailer turns your pontoon into a custom fit showpiece.

Yacht Club not only offers drive-on trailer, but also fold-down models. Launching and landing with a trailer designed to give you maximum full-length deck support can surely make loading and unloading a little easier. You'll find models ranging from 20 feet up to 24 feet-featuring rear roller guards, an upright locking safety pin, dual safety chains and a winch with a built-in safety brake.

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