PDB Poll

Published in the September 2008 Issue Published online: Sep 20, 2008

The reason pontoon and deck boats are so popular is because you can really pile the people on these roomy crafts when you want to. And according to those who responded to our survey at www.pdbmagazine.com, the majority agrees. On the average, three out of every four boaters who voted like a crowd and go out with at least three or more people each time.

On the average, how many people usually go out with you on your boat?

Just me, I don't need a first-mate 4.76%

Three's a crowd; two people works best 20.63%

Usually 3-5 total passengers 53.97%

We love a crowd; 6-8 is the way to go 14.29%

We're rated for many, so 9 or more is the norm 6.35%