Surfin' the Net For Fishing Nets

Published in the September 2008 Issue September 2008

Fresh Fish

It helps when netting a catch that the fish has been fought until reasonably tired; trying to net a `fresh' fish is a lesson in frustration. It's better to allow a hooked fish to fight and run and jump while away from the boat, shore or dock, where it is less likely to wrap around a snag like a prop, piling or pontoon, or dive below and get under the boat or dock where your fighting angle is compromised and the fish can break off. You'll know a fish is ready for the net when it comes to the surface easily and/or turns on its side. You need to be careful not to fight a fish for too long, however, if you intend to release it. Fish that `give it their all' may have trouble recovering from the ordeal. When practicing catch and release, give the fish a chance to tire before bringing it to the net, but don't overdo it.

Net Scape. Fighting the fish of a lifetime is no time to be searching for the net. Keep a long-handled net handy and you'll never have to talk about the one that got away! 

Ego Reach Nets


Frabill Nets


Ed Cumings, Inc.


Beckman Net Company


Dotline/Mengo Industries


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