Hungry or Not, It's Time to Eat

Trigger X soft bait

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 09, 2009
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Reports of salivating fish have been documented around the world as anglers prepare to flip on the "eat" switch with the first biodegradable, environmentally-friendly soft bait, infused with scent-emitting Ultrabite Pheromones.

Trigger X contains species-specific pheromones that trigger instinctive feeding behavior in fish-freshwater and saltwater-with its revolutionary, patented, Ultrabite formula that offers unduplicated attraction and reaction for a variety of popular angling species. All Trigger X baits feature a ribbed body design for detailed in-water flex, natural swimming action, and increased distribution of scent and pheromones into the water.

Unlike traditional soft plastics, Trigger X will allow anglers to fish it all year long, whether it's in the dead of summer or winter. With a wide range of fish-catching colors, anglers can quickly adapt to a multitude of angling scenarios.

Trigger X baits come sealed in unique form fitting trays to retain their shape and maintain pheromone saturation, and are made from an environmentally-friendly material that is biodegradable. Suggested retail price: Varies For more information visit:

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