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The interchangeable Storm

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 09, 2009
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Storm has redefined the meaning of "interchangeable" with the new WildEye Pro Paddle Tail and the WildEye Pro Curl Tail, featuring the one-of-a-kind Bait and Switch system.

The magic behind the Bait and Switch system is that it's designed so anglers can change soft plastic color, sizes and styles without having to retie. Simply take the jig head out-removing the soft plastic body-grab a new size, shape or color and place the jig head right back in the new body; it's that easy.

The WildEye Pro Paddle Tail and the WildEye Pro Curl Tail are both available in sizes 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches. The 3 1/2-inch features silver jig heads with black nickel hooks in three distinct jig weights-1/4-ounce, 3/16-ounce and 1/8-ounce-that are ideal for a variety of depths and retrieves. The 4 1/2-inch comes with slightly heavier weights at 3/8-ounce, 1/4-ounce and 3/16-ounce, perfect for fishing deeper or faster.

Suggested retail price WildEye Pro Paddle Tail: $4.99 - $5.99

Suggested retail price WildEye Pro Curl Tail: $4.99 - $5.99

For more information visit: www.stormlures.com

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