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Must-Tow Tubes

It's 2009, and we have a new president, new economy, and for those in boat-winterizing states, a new boating season! And what better way to kick off this time of thrill-seeking fun than by checking out what's new in the towable tube arena? Whether you want to fly screaming behind a 'toon all by yourself or with friends, you have plenty of options to choose from. Check out the latest offerings that are sure to get your summer off to a fun start.

Space Attack by Sevylor


Don't just ride on the water, hover above it with the new Space Attack! This unique design allows riders to sit in spheres that are suspended above the water surface, maintaining water contact only via minimal sphere surface. Riders get a hovering sensation unlike anything you've ever felt on a tube, while dealing with the added challenge of balancing the tube on turns. This durable, covered tube features eight soft handles with neoprene knuckle guards, two inflatable floor pads and a large backrest for up to two riders. The Space Attack also features a convenient bottom drain and Sevylor quick hitch for fast and easy rope connections.

Saturn by Kwik Tek 


This high-performance, three-rider taper-profile deck tube will take your breath away! It's got an oversized topside neoprene body panel and six deluxe handles with molded EVA knuckle guards. The 30-gauge PVC bladder is fully encased by a rugged double-stitched 840-denier nylon cover. Equipped with a heavy-duty Kwik-Connect and Multi-Valve for convenient fast inflation and rope connection. Comes with a one-year warranty.

Speed Addict by Sevylor


New for 2009, the Speed Addict is built to cruise. Curved-up edges mean less friction on the water and improved stability for the rider, while an aerodynamic shape further reduces resistance and sends you on a smoother, faster ride than you've ever experienced! This tube is fully covered and features six soft handles with neoprene knuckle guards and a soft body pad for extra comfort and safety. A bottom drain means less time cleaning up after you're done playing, while the Sevylor quick hitch gives you a fast and easy rope connection.

Bat-X-Ray by Sportsstuff


Skill tubing is a new and challenging experience, far different from riding tubes you just hang on to. The Bat-X-Ray gives you the control to slalom, jump, veer, or even do a combination of your own moves, all while going through the boat wake or in a straight-line boat pattern. Doables are patent-pending new shapes that have less drag with smaller footprints for reduced gas consumption. The patent-pending bottom "veer" tow system, combined with the strategically-located, extra-large patent-pending Tiger Tooth fins enable the rider to control the Bat-X-Ray PVC in various shoelace-type moved. As always with a new ride, start out at low speeds to give everyone involved a chance to adapt to the technology.


Transformer by Airhead


Good value, packed with fun, that's what you get with Airhead's Transformer. You have your choice between a deck tube and a cockpit tube at any time; the transformation between the two can be made in seconds! Young children especially will enjoy the safe and secure feeling of cockpit mode, with its inflated floors and deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards. Teens and adults will prefer the wilder deck tube. To transform this two-rider towable from mild to wild, simply insert the two inflatable bladders to fill the cockpit and roll the neoprene pads into place. If you have one small child and a teen or adult, you can mix it up and ride one side cockpit, the other deck! Transformer is built to last from rugged 840-denier nylon and 30-gauge vinyl. Features include the heavy-duty Kwik-Connect and Boston valve. Measures 64 by 58 inches deflated.


Lulu 1 by Sportsstuff


The Lulu 1 is a revolutionary new towable that introduces rider control to the equation. If you're bored of just sitting on a towable waiting to be thrown off, imagine being able to perform spins, jumps, and even slaloms to the amazement of your friends! This is the most advanced towable to hit the market in the past 30 years, and incorporates a patent-pending veer tow system combined with strategically-located Tiger Tooth fins, enabling the rider to control the Lulu 1 through various moves. All riders, boat drivers, and spotters are novices when it comes to the Lulu 1; start at reduced speeds until everyone gains confidence in using this new technology.

Outrigger by Airhead


If you like a wild ride, you'll love the Outrigger. An air pocket underneath the seating area leaves the rider bouncing and jostling with every wake, while oversized topside neoprene panels protect elbows and knees. This bumpy experience can be yours alone, or you can have up to two friends join you in your quest to stay on the tube. The heavy-duty Kwik-Connect and Boston valve provide quick and easy rope hook-ups, inflating and deflating. The Outrigger is sure to challenge even the hardiest of tube riders. Measures 90 by 76 inches deflated.


Rock Star by Airhead


Have you become bored with the simple task of holding on to your tube for dear life? Hop on the Rock Star and add a new dimension to the fun: rocking! This three-rider, U-shaped towable rocks from side to side with the slightest motion, and can also double as a super-fun rocking swim platform. If you can master the art of staying on the Rock Star, you'll be the envy of all your friends. The durable double-stitched 840-denier nylon cover and rugged 30-gauge PVC inner bladder ensure a long play life. Features the heavy-duty Kwik-Connect and Boston valve for easy rope hook-ups, inflating, and deflating. Measures 81 by 78 inches deflated.


Storm II by Airhead


Experiencing the Storm II is a lot like going through its natural counterpart: imposing, thrilling and wet. A truly state-of-the-art towable, the Storm II provides an unparalleled combination of excitement, stability and comfort. Its wide wingspan and thick front panel allow it to glide effortlessly across big wakes, while a neoprene seat pad is provided for each rider's comfort. Nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards ensure a firm grip, and the durable RF-welded, 30-gauge PVC bladder is fully covered by rugged double-stitched 840-denier nylon. And when it's time to relax, Storm II doubles as a comfortable and relaxing floating lake couch! Measures 86 by 75 inches deflated.


Rumble by Kwik Tek


This tube is for those who want a wild, yet stable, ride. The Rumble's D-shaped deck is built for one, two, or three riders, and features inflated rails to help riders stay in position when riding aggressively. The roomy deck also includes six strategically-placed handles with neoprene knuckle guards and the Kwik-Connect and Boston Valve for your convenience. Measures 71 by 71inches deflated.


4K Booster Ball by Sportsstuff


The 4K Booster Ball was designed to increase the performance of most towables and all of Sportsstuff's new Doables. The Booster Ball is an inflatable buoy with tow rope connected both ends as a way of keeping the tow rope out of the water the majority of the time during towing. This reduces drag and also acts like a shock absorber, enhancing fuel economy. The tow rope is much less likely to get caught in the water wake while turning while using the Booster Ball, which also reduces the stress on the tube and cover. The Booster Ball reduces rope spray, gives the tow rope higher visibility, and also works well in low-transom tow points.


Slalom Jockey by Sportsstuff


A new product in Sportsstuff's line of Doables, the Slalom Jockey gives you the control you've always wanted from a towable. A new, patent-pending bottom "veer" tow system, combined with strategically-located, extra-large, patent-pending Tiger Tooth fins, enable the rider to control the Slalom Jockey in various shoelace-type moves. You'll experience many spills and chills as you learn to master this new technology, and everyone involved should start at reduced speeds until the Doable is more familiar.


Orbit by Sevylor


Remember those old Spin `N Says from your childhood? The one where you'd pull a string and a large arrow would spin around and around until landing on a farm animal, and then the toy would make the sound of this specific animal? Well, the Orbit is just like that, minus the farm animals.

Kids, as well as kids at heart, will enjoy spinning around and around and won't want to stop. Because of the axis point on the bottom of the tube, the Orbit will rotate while being pulled behind a boat. But the real challenge is getting the tube to spin even faster while going over wakes and watching the others that are with you hold on for their lives. The Orbit allows up to three riders, and a large, stainless steel swivel attached to a replaceable harness prevents the tow line from getting tangled.

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