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Whether you're a hardcore speed enthusiast looking for the next big thing or someone just interested in a new, fuel-efficient outboard for your `toon, we're featuring what you need right here. The first Mercury motor, named after the fleet-footed Roman god, was built in 1939; 70 years later, here's what Mercury Marine has to offer, from OptiMax to ProKicker to the Verado.

OptiMax Pro XS

The OptiMax Pro XS blows away the competition when it comes to power, durability, performance and fuel efficiency. The new 250 Pro XS creates a class of its own with remarkable acceleration, impressive performance and the support of a three-year limited factory-backed, non-declining warranty.

The Optimax Pro XS consistently outshines other DI engines in hole shot, mid-range acceleration and top-end speed, while still coming out on top in fuel economy by a good margin. OptiMax's durability, reliability and advanced Direct Injected system make it a spectacular value.

Built saltwater tough, the OptiMax Pro XS comes with more stainless steel and corrosion-resistant components. Steering is a breeze with the Motorola Propulsion Module (PCM), which is loaded with "smart" features that make your experience out on the water more enjoyable and less stressful, such as SmartCraft and Engine Guardian, a proactive operator-warning system that alerts you to anything unusual. OptiMax 200 and 225 horsepower models are available with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Mercury's knowledge of hydrodynamics and gearcase design plays into every OptiMax Pro XS they sell, giving boaters pleasing performance, comfortable handling and unbeatable speed, making it a top choice in DI engines.

And to top it off, every Mercury Optimax comes with a three-year limited, factory-backed, non-declining warranty, along with the industry's only three-year limited corrosion failure warranty (excluding Mercury Racing Outboards).


Flyaway EFI

The 25 Flyaway EFI brings a new look to the term "quiet." The 25 EFI four-stroke is already the most silent in its class, but the Flyaway is as close to invisible as you can get. Advantage MAX-4 HD camouflage and special matching low-gloss paint means you'll stay hidden, while best-in-class noise reduction ensures that even while moving, your prey won't be able to detect you. Comes with a battery-free EFI with a manual recoil (even on electric models) and automatic decompression. (Convenient gas-assist or power trim are available.) The flyaway also features an exclusive shift-in-handle (tiller models only).

The Mercury four-stroke EFI outboards deliver consistent, easy starts, smooth operation and high reliability. The 25 and 30 hp models are the industry's first battery-less EFI outboards!

If you want power, you'll get it with the Flyaway. Maxing out at 5000-6000 revolutions per minute to give you 25 horsepower worth of drive, you'll get where you need to go without any problems. A water-cooled cooling system with built-in thermostat helps keep your engine in its best shape, while you can opt for either a manual or electric with manual backup starter.

An available shallow-water drive, for manual trim only, will help you reach whatever part of the lake you need to get to, and a standard remote fuel tank means less trips back to the dock for filling up.

And the Flyaway even helps with the environment, as every Mercury mid-range Four-Stroke engine carries a CARB three-star ultra-low emissions rating.

The 25 Flyaway EFI includes Mercury's three-year limited factory-backed, non-declining warranty so you can rest assured you'll have quality propelling your pontoon or deck boat.

15 ProKicker

The 15 ProKicker is the latest in Mercury's line of extremely light, portable Four-Stroke outboards. "But what makes the ProKicker different from the other outboards Mercury offers?" you ask. Here's what you get:

The ProKicker is specifically designed as an auxiliary trolling motor, often referred to as "kicker" motors. These unique outboards feature standard power tilt, high-thrust four-blade propellers, automatic self-centering straps (optional on remote-steer models) and unique decals designed to complement the main engine.

The 9.9 ProKicker also features a BigFoot gearcase, which includes stronger gears, bearings and shafts as well as a low 2.42:1 gear ratio for improved low-speed handling and best-in-class slow trolling speeds.

The 15 ProKicker comes with available centering straps, which help stabilize the outboard during rough water operation. They also help stabilize the motor while it is in its normal running attitude. As the outboard is tilted up, the straps will automatically straighten the outboard until it reaches full tilt, at which time both straps will become tight.

These straps serve two purposes. First, they keep the outboard in the straight-ahead position so that the mount system is operating in the direction for which it was designed: namely, straight ahead. Also, because the straps are tight at the full-tilt position, they help dampen the bounce/shock as the boat goes through rough water. Both of these features provide a more solid system with improved durability.

Weighing only 132 pounds dry, the 15 ProKicker is easy to transport and store when you aren't out on the water. CDI with electric spark advance ignition system and optional remote steering system give you high-tech fun on a low-profile craft.

Includes limited three-year warranty and three-year limited corrosion.


Verado 350SCi

The Racings Verado 350SCi won Motorboating's "Best Redesign of 2008" award. Truly a four-stroke with both brains and brawn, the Verado 350SCi boasts advanced technology and reliability, as well as great acceleration in the only supercharged production outboard engine available today. The future of outboards has arrived.

According to Mercury officials, no outboard delivers quicker throttle response, better automotive-like control, easier steering, quieter operation or smoother shifting than Verado. Here's a firsthand look at the innovation and technology that made the ultimate driving experience a reality.

The Verado multi-chambered Intake Sound Attenuator not only reduces overall noise by up to 14 decibels, it also tunes the engine sound to a more pleasing tone. Additionally, acoustic foam lining along the upper cowling and lower cowl absorbs high frequency engine and driveshaft noise, resulting in Verado's best-in-class sound rating.

Verado inherently runs smoother than conventional V-block outboard engines thanks to its inline design. An inline six-cylinder engine is better balanced because the cylinders are aligned in one row, providing a more compact, smoother running design.

Verado's exclusive electro-hydraulic power steering system eliminates steering torque while delivering a pinpoint steering feel.

Not only are the Verado perimeter engine mounts twice the size of typical mounts, the innovative positioning around the powerhead virtually eliminates engine-related boat vibration.

The SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) System delivers car-like control, instant throttle response and smooth shifting by eliminating the hesitation of traditional mechanical cable systems. More than 50,000 hours of testing and four years of consumer use make DTS the most rigorously proven control system on the water.

SmartCraft delivers excellent control and confidence for marine systems, especially when it comes to fuel management. SmartCraft provides up-to-the second information on fuel range, fuel levels and fuel flow, ensuring accurate and dependable fuel information for improved efficiency.

There is never a time on the water when you don't rely on your engine. That's why Mercury made sure Verado delivers the strength, toughness and durability you demand. Every Verado comes with a three-year limited factory-backed, non-declining warranty. In addition to this confidence-building coverage, Verado features the industry's only three-year limited corrosion failure warranty. What does that mean to you? It means factory-direct support for total peace of mind.

And for saltwater boaters, you know the additional demands to your craft. Mercury has a high number of stainless steel parts, as well as an exclusive low-copper XK 360 aluminum alloy that provides protection against saltwater corrosion. In addition, the Verado supercharger features a marine-grade anodized aluminum housing and Teflon-coated rotors. To top it all off, Verado is equipped with protective sacrificial anodes for superior protection at every level.

For more information on these and other Mercury motors, visit or call 920-929-5040.

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