Pontoon Top Hardware Made Simple

Introducing the DowcoLok QR

Published in the May 2009 Issue Published online: May 05, 2009
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A new cutting edge design that offers enhanced performance, greater flexibility and is virtually rattle free was introduced last fall at the IBEX Show in Florida. The DowcoLok QR (Quick Release) hardware is easy to install and extremely durable.

DowcoLok QR breaks new ground with a low profile Deck Mounting Button that requires only a single point of attachment to secure it to the boat. Coupled with DOWCO's exclusive Rivet Nut, it eliminates the need for installers to fumble with backing plates or washers on the unexposed side of the boat's mounting surface. The ease of installation will provide a significant time and labor savings to boat manufacturers.

Strong and stable, the Deck Button/Rivet Nut combination has passed pull tests of up to 2,600 pounds. Another significant advance is DowcoLok QR's Quick Release Deck Hinge with an "intelligent" latch that allows boat owners to operate the latch with one hand. There are no pins to rotate or lose overboard. The versatile Deck Hinge works with square and round tubing and can be a top, side, or angled mount.

In its quest to eliminate an all too common problem for boaters-a boat top frame that rattles-DOWCO engineers incorporated precision machined parts and the use of Delrin sleeves and bushings at critical component interfaces in the new hardware. As a result, boat tops secured with DOWCO's new technology will be among the quietest in the industry.

Another DowcoLok QR feature is its multidirectional Frame Swivel that allows new configurations in the design of top frames. All DowcoLok QR hardware uses Type 316 stainless fasteners to minimize the potential for corrosion.

DOWCO, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of products and accessories for the marine and powersports industries. Missouri-based DOWCO Marine produces premium boat covers, convertible and bimini tops and pontoon covers and enclosures. For more information, visit www.dowcomarine.com, or to locate a dealer near you call 800-558-7755.

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