Why It Pays to Ignore The Wife

Published in the May 2009 Issue May 2009

Okay, so going against your wife's wishes is usually not the best idea, at least if your plan is to create any type of harmony in your home. Momma knows best in most cases and if Momma isn't happy, no one is happy. Am I right? But every once in awhile, going against what your wife thinks can pay off, and such is the case for Gene Stansberry. His decision to ignore his wife's plea resulted in him winning a 2009 pontoon from Apex Marine.

It was actually his optimistic thinking that put Gene in this awkward predicament. The Tennessee man and his family had traveled to the Houseboat Expo last February in Louisville, Ky. At this show, attendees were given a chance to win a 7518 Qwest Pontoon boat with trailer and motor. After Gene put his name in the drawing; he kept telling his family that he was going to win the boat.

The family had left the show and were over at a shopping mall when it was getting close to the announced drawing time where the winner had to be present to win. His wife Carolyn tried to talk him out of it when Gene said he needed to get back to the show for the drawing because he was going to win. Finally his son-in-law, Daniel Lewis, and his daughter, Gina, agreed to take Gene back to the Houseboat Expo as his wife continued to shop. How's that for optimism?

Gene hurried back and was in the middle of the packed crowd as he stood shoulder to shoulder, with a gut feeling that it would be his name announced as the winner of the drawing. Despite the large crowd, you could almost hear a pin drop as the gathering paused in anticipation as they waited to hear the name read. When Gene's name was presented to the crowd, a loud one-man cheer from the back got heads turning and all that could be seen was two arms waving high above his head as he tried to make his way to the front.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard my name," said the Elizabethton native.

And when he found out he'd won he called his wife to let her know; of course she didn't believe him. It took a call from the show producers to convince Carolyn that her husband of 32 years was telling the truth and had really won this pontoon from Apex Marine, valued at over $20K.

"She believes now," said Gene as he picked up the pontoon following the show. Nearly 24 hours after the announcement he was still grinning from ear to ear.

Gene is excited about the 18-foot pontoon that he plans to enjoy on Watauga Lake in Tennessee.

Gene quickly became the most talked about person at the show as his story spread throughout the Exposition Center.

"A lot of people came up to me after and said they were happy for me and were glad that I had won it," said Gene. "Although there were some who joked and said they were supposed to have won."

"My 9-year-old grandson Tyler is probably the most excited next to me," says Gene. "He's just tickled to death that I won it."

Optimism is a beautiful thing and we're happy for you as well.

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