Sea Ray Sockless Boat Shoes

Published online: Jul 11, 2009 Feature
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Okay, what would you do if you were the editor of PDB magazine and an email from Columbia Sportswear ends up in you inbox making claims they've created a revolutionary boat shoe that doesn't smell, even after a long, sockless day on the water? I don't know what you'd do, but I got online and ordered a pair. I'm always in search of the latest in technology and innovation so I was curious about these "one-of-a-kind" boat shoes that have all the benefits of a water sandal.
I think the part that got me was the quote from Columbia Sportswear CEO and president Tim Boyle, who swears these shoes don't stink. No socks. no smell. no scuffs? It seemed too good to be true. But for $80 I figured it was worth a try; besides, the Sea Ray is a good looking shoe that I'd wear when I wasn't boating. 
Columbia combines the classic look of leather boat shoes with the comfort and convenience of a water sport sandal, creating a revolutionary shoe that is extremely comfortable and offers superior support. I've had easy-to-wear shoes before, but these boat shoes slip on like bedroom slippers. 
I was in and out of the water for three straight days on a boating trip with these shoes and besides the comfort, I was really impressed with the drainage ports that allow for quick drying. 
The Techlite cushioning is contoured for comfort and unrivaled arch support and is antimicrobial for odor-free footwear. After three days of constant use I was surprised, they really don't smell. It must have looked odd seeing a guy sniffing his shoes at the launch ramp, but I didn't care. These are great shoes and worth every dime. The shoes are available at, as well as at other retailers around the country, such as West Marine.
       -Brady L. Kay, PDB Editor 

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