NBT Reaches Boating Industry

Manufacturers love Nano-Block Technology

Published online: Jul 03, 2009 Feature
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CMI Enterprises, a market leader in the coated fabric industry and Syntec Industries, a premier supplier of carpeting to the marine industry, are introducing the availability of NBT Marine. 
Nano-Block Technology  represents the next generation protective coating by CMI for its upholstery marine vinyl. CMI is the first coated fabrics manufacturer to use Nanotechnology, the breakthrough technology that employs Nano-Particles to obtain far superior performance characteristics in the vinyl product category.
Premier Marine builds boats that are designed to last a long time and this manufacturer is always looking for ways to improve its pontoon boats. At the 2009 PDB Shootout Boat Test, Premier used NBT Marine vinyl on its high-end 250 SunSation LTD RE model. 
"We are the first pontoon manufacturer to offer soft and durable NANO Block Technology vinyl on our boats," says Premier Marketing Manager Mike Menne. "We feel this product completes our high-end line and gives us an advantage over other luxury pontoons."
NBT Marine provides superior clean-ability and protection in the vinyl product category.  Even the toughest stains-like ballpoint pen, permanent marker, mustard and ketchup are easily removed when following the recommended cleaning instructions.  
NBT Marine also "blocks" the surface from being affected by mildew and other mold-related problems. It also forms a barrier against-and has an active "Nano" agent-that kills bacteria responsible for mildew and fungus growth. This "Nano" technology or agent is self-renewing and remains effective throughout the fabric's life-cycle. 
NBT Marine has a Nano UV inhibitor that will keep the color of vinyl upholstery looking brand new-longer than ever before. Test results have demonstrated that vinyl upholstery coated with NBT Marine will last up to three times longer than conventional finishes.
Manufacturers can now offer their dealers the brightest colors and newest styles without fear of the sun fading the vinyl upholstery, while providing protective barriers against abrasions, grease, grime, sun tan oils and even gasoline.
For more information or to request samples on CMI Enterprises NBT Marine, call 800-426-4826 Ext: 313 or visit www.cmi-nbt.com. You can also email them directly at  info@cmi-nbt.com.

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