OEM Partnership

Sea-legs teams up with Godfrey

Published in the August 2009 Issue Published online: Aug 21, 2009

Sea-Legs, Inc., inventor of the patented Sea-Legs built-in pontoon lift system, reached an agreement with Godfrey Marine this summer to offer its product direct from the manufacturer beginning in the new model year. Consumers will now be able to order Sea-Legs with their boats with all Godfrey Marine pontoons.

"This agreement is definitely a win-win for the marine industry," says Sea-Legs CEO John Holb. "For consumers, ordering Sea-Legs as a factory add-on at the point of purchase saves them significant time and hassle. And because Godfrey is one of the world's largest pontoon manufacturers, it also presents a significant opportunity to introduce Sea-Legs to untapped regional, national and international markets."

"Offering Sea-Legs with our pontoons fits our mission of providing unparalleled quality and convenience to our dealers and our boat owners," adds Nautic Global Group Marketing Director Steve Tadd. "We have a diverse set of customers with unique boating needs. Sea-Legs will provide Godfrey customers with a revolutionary option that will enhance their boating experience."

Godfrey Marine is a part of the Nautic Global Group, manufacturer and promoter of nine leading boat brands, including four pontoon boat brands: Sanpan, Aqua Patio, Sweetwater and Parti Kraft.

Since Holb's purchase of Sea-Legs in 2003, the Sea-Legs built-in pontoon lift system has skyrocketed in popularity and has achieved a 261 percent increase in business. By attaching to a pontoon's underside and lifting the boat up to six feet from lake bottom to the deck, Sea-Legs eliminate several traditional pontoon parking and docking challenges-including drifting, banging, algae contact, discoloration, and the hassles of stationary lifts. For more information on Sea-Legs visit www.sea-legs.com or call 952-934-7000.