Suzuki Introduces Multi-Function Gauges

Published online: Aug 03, 2009 Feature
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The latest modular instrument system from Suzuki Marine is quickly becoming a hot topic in the boating industry. Compatible with 15 Suzuki four-stroke models ranging from 40 to 300hp, the multi-function gauges helps boaters turn their consoles and helm stations into advanced information centers. In addition, the company has delivered sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronic instrument technology that ideally complements the company's line of award-winning four-stroke outboards.
Developed for use with Suzuki's technologically advanced outboards, these instruments benefit a wide range of boaters by providing a wealth of useful data in graphic and numerical read outs. While these options were once associated only with large V6 4-stroke engines, Suzuki is now making this advanced technology available to improve the performance, safety and efficiency of small, mid-sized and large outboard-powered vessels.
The NMEA 2000-compatible Suzuki Modular Instrument System (SMIS) features four-inch and two-inch multi-function gauges engineered to display real-time readings of important engine vital signs via Suzuki's SMIS Engine Interface. This engine information-as well as a wide range of data provided by compatible sensors around the boat-is displayed on a special high-contrast dot matrix display designed for maximum visibility in all light conditions or at any angle.
A central element of this modular system is Suzuki's Fuel Management System, displayed on the two-inch multi-function gauge. By providing data such as real-time fuel flow, fuel remaining, trip fuel log and total fuel log (in gallons and liters), Suzuki helps navigators maximize fuel efficiency under all operating conditions. In addition, a user selectable low fuel audible alarm helps boaters make wise choices and enhances safety whether you're trolling far offshore or cruising along the coast.
This system provides unparalleled flexibility for the vessel operator to view the information he or she most needs, when and where it's needed-and lets the user customize the presentation to best suit the boating situation. 
Suzuki's two-inch multi-function modular instrument can be used to display a wealth of additional information such as fluid levels including fuel tank, livewell water level, fresh water tank, etc., sea surface temperature and more. Vessel speed data for the Suzuki Modular Instrument System can be provided by a paddlewheel sensor or a Suzuki GPS Receiver Module that delivers accurate boat position and speed data to the system.
These advanced instruments aren't only smart, they're also smart looking. Suzuki Marine offers a choice of three optional instrument bezels in addition to the standard black. Boaters (and boat builders) can outfit these two- and four-inch instruments with sleek bezels in chrome, gold or white to match a wide variety of helm designs and vessel interiors.
Suzuki Marine is offering these instruments along with a variety of components needed for flexible plug-and-play installation and operation, including power and engine interface cables, engine interface adaptor cables (for use with Suzuki's DF300), extension cables (from two to 25 feet), connection hardware, terminating resistors, a power node, an NMEA adaptor harness and a range of sensors.
For more information about Suzuki's Modular Instrument System or its range of 15 compatible four-stroke outboard models from 40 to 300 horsepower, contact American Suzuki Motor Corporation at 714-996-7040 or visit the company's website at

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