Avalon pontoon voyage to begin Friday

Published online: Oct 15, 2009 News
Alma, Michigan-based Pontoon Boat Company President to voyage from Key West to The Tortugas and back tomorrow.
Jim Wolf, President of Avalon & Tahoe Mfg. Manufacturer of Avalon Pontoons and Tahoe pontoons, will leave with two shipmates on a pontoon boat to retrace the path of pirate ships of old.
The uniqueness of this adventure is the fact that Pontoon Boats are usually not considered seaworthy enough for this type of trip. The purpose of this trip is to prove the durability of Avalon & Tahoe Pontoons . (However, Avalon & Tahoe does not recommend that owners attempt these adventures as they are indeed risky)
Mr. Wolf and crew have a history of pontoon adventures, including a 4 day marathon excursion from Baltimore, MD, to Key West in 2005. In 2007, another trip was taken from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Another trip was taken down the Mississippi. Records of two of these trips can be found at http://www.avalonpontoons.com/Bimini%20adventure.htm.
Mr. Wolf feels Key West is an excellent place to begin or end a trip due to its great hospitality, location and marina facilities.