Bow-to-Stern Surface Protection for Boaters

November 2009 News
Union Point, Ga., November 10, 2009 - Specially designed to withstand harsh marine environments, and ideally suited for use on all boat surfaces, BTS (Bow-To-Stern) Formula 1 Protectant is the boating industry's first all-in-one surface protectant.  Developed over five years by the research team at Union Point, Georgia-based RMR Industries, BTS provides a long-lasting, durable protective finish for virtually every boat surface.  BTS's advanced polymers provide the industry's highest level of UV protection, while the formula also prevents mold and mildew staining on delicate surfaces.  Additionally, BTS can be applied in direct sunlight, affording easy use and application.
A True All-In-One Protectant
     Most boat parts and accessories - including fiberglass, vinyl, and marine carpeting - are comprised of plastics (polymers) that positively react with BTS'sBTS unique formulation.  The effect is similar to the use of a skin-moisturizing sunscreen: BTS protects surfaces using the industry's highest level of sunscreen protection.  BTS protects and reinforces surfaces to keep them looking new, while the formula's built-in plasticizers can also help rejuvenate many lightly-weathered surfaces with regular use.
     Sunlight, along with reactive atmospheric compounds, will degrade and discolor gelcoat, plastics, and painted surfaces, resulting in a dull and chalky finish: the boat's surface is literally being burned away one molecule at a time.  BTS's unique chemistry addresses all of the key elements that accelerate the deterioration of gelcoats, plastics, and painted surfaces.  While traditional hard waxes and polishes provide shine to gelcoat, their UV protection is very limited, and wears off easily.  By contrast, BTS utilizes proprietary UVA and UVB blockers to shield the boat's surface from photo-initiated oxidation, forming a micro-thin protective film that holds UV blockers in place and provides durable, long-term protection from the effects of UV exposure. 
     BTS also improves gelcoat gloss and stain resistance while providing reflective and anti-static properties.  Additionally, the formula creates a hydrophobic (water-resistant) seal, prohibiting water-borne contaminants from adhering to and staining a boat's surfaces.  The anti-static agents in BTS reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and staining that can accumulate in and contaminate boat surfaces.
Easy Application for a Rich, Lustrous Shine

     Since cleaning a boat's porous surfaces immediately after removing it from the water significantly reduces the long-term risks of gelcoat oxidation and fading, the research and development team at RMR Industries formulated BTS Formula 1 to be applied in direct sunlight.  Since many users boat in the heat of the summer, BTS provides a durable, heat-resistant protective layer while cleaning and sealing a boat's porous surfaces.   New users may observe  a wax-like residue that appears on gelcoat or other hard  surfaces following the first application of BTS.  In reality, this effect is the result of BTS lifting old wax and other contaminants out of the boat's surface.  This waxy residue is simple to remove by rinsing the surface with water and buffing it dry with a clean towel or damp cloth, leaving a long-lasting and lustrous protective finish. 
     While BTS provides exceptional oxidation-prohibiting results, it can not reverse the effects of existing gelcoat oxidation.  BTS can, however, greatly minimize the return of oxidation on older gel coats that have been machine-buffed to remove oxidation and restore a boat's original luster.  BTS flushes porous surfaces as it is applied; removing this microscopic dirt and debris brings out the natural colors of a boat's finish to reveal a deep, vibrant shine.
     While certain instances may require more frequent applications, research has shown BTS to be very effective when applied every four to six months.  Most users note that the finish improves with each subsequent application of BTS.
BTS Formula 1 Protectant is non-toxic, and is safe for all marine surfaces.  The product is also the recommended and endorsed surface protectant of many boat manufacturers, including Phoenix and Legend Boats.  Available at retail outlets nationwide, BTS may also be purchased online at   MSRP ranges from $3.99 for a 4-ounce tester to $15.99 for a 32-ounce bottle.  One-gallon refill bottles are also available for $49.95.
     BTS Formula 1 Protectant is the flagship of the BTS lineup of boating products, including BTS Ultra Clean, BTS Boat Wash, and BTS Formula 2.  Based in Union Point, Georgia, specialty chemical manufacturer RMR Industries markets a comprehensive line of innovative, environmentally responsible marine chemicals.  Currently serving the sport fishing, recreational boating, and pet care markets, RMR Industries' products include: clearTANKr, Kevin VanDam's Line & Lurer, and the BTS line of products.
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