Learn How To Enter Fishing Tournaments

April 2010 News

Fishing off a boat - is the more relaxing and effective of the two types of lake fishing. Casting, forward and back-trolling, employing down riggers and drift fishing are some of the techniquesused for boat fishing. While it's true that certain techniques are more effective for different fish species, most anglers prefer to troll when fishing from a boat. Pulling a lure or a number of lures behind a slow-moving boat is referred to as trolling. Back trolling and forward trolling are more or less the same, however, the difference between the two is that in back trolling, the boat moves in reverse and considerably slower in speed.

Anglers are able to move quietly and slowly in boats equipped with trolling motors, because these motors make little or no sound, thus avoiding any disturbance to fish. Anglers find it more convenient to cast lures in places most likely to have more fish present when using boats fitted with trolling motors. Lake fishing off a boat is a great way to catch fish; however, as hiring a boat is an expensive proposition, try hiring a pontoon boat or inflatable kayak instead. These alternatives are as effective as fishing from a traditional boat, and comparatively far less expensive, too.

It is always best to bring more than you need and end up with more than enough rather than finding yourself out. Keep in mind that a lot of fishing tournaments will require you to use particular gear so you will need to check over the rules and ensure you are abiding by them. No matter what fishing tournaments you may enter, be sure to treat the others with respect. You never know when you are going to run into them again.

Another technique that is popular with anglers when lake fishing from shore, is to cast many lures at different spots while walking along the shore. However, as shorelines usually have bushes, this technique may not be possible as such bushes will make walking and angling difficult. Use these techniques for lake fishing and have a wonderful, relaxed time on your next day off.



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