Boats hit Eagle Nest Lake after installation of new dock

Published online: May 20, 2010 News
EAGLE NEST - The ice may have cleared and restrictions may have been lifted, but boaters have been slow to take to the waters of Eagle Nest Lake this spring.

Chilly water temperatures and the lack of a courtesy dock at either one of the park's boat ramps were likely the causes of the slow start to the season, said park manager Marshall Garcia.

"There hadn't been a lot of folks coming out here," Garcia said Saturday (May 15). "A lot of the folks that come out here are elderly and they need the courtesy docks there. It also depends on the type of boat you have. We get a lot of pontoon boats and to get off and on in those things, you need a dock."

After park staff installed the first of three new docks last week, he said boaters have started trickling back onto the lake, but frigid water and bitter winds have kept most of them from enjoying extend cruises.

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