PlayCraft pontoon hits 100 miles per hour

Published online: Sep 02, 2010 News
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A PlayCraft pontoon boat driven by Ken Gouty achieved a speed of 100 miles per hour at the Lake of the Ozarks shootout last week.

The 2700 Powertoon X-Treme triple pontoon achieved the previously thought unbreakable 100 m.p.h. mark three separate times at the shootout. The single-engine, big block with Whipple supercharger was built by Skunkworks Marine in Antioch, Illinois. 

A separate two-log 2800 Scorpion driven by Jim Dorris reached 88 m.p.h. The Scorpion featured twin 383 Whipple supercharged small-block engines.

"We installed a unique PlayCraft tunnel tab on the Scorpion," Dorris said. "That was new."

The 88 m.p.h. mark is an unoffical record for a two-log boat.

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Photos courtesy of George Denny Photography in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

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