Tooner leads river cleanup efforts - Video

November 2010 News
MORGANTOWN  -- Tim Terman spent eleven years leading kayak tours on the river. Throughout the period, he got sick and tired of seeing liter around the river's banks.

"I was cleaning up for my customers. I didn't want people out of state coming here and seeing litter on this river that I really love

Terman organized litter cleanups beginning in 2006.

During the cleanups, Terman loads his pontoon boat -- the Monongahela Monitor. A volunteer crew will use 10-foot-long handles to grab trash floating in the water and stuck in tree limbs and rocks.

Terman aims his cleanups towards the younger generation. They learn about the river, boating and ecology while helping pick up trash.

"When you toss a water bottle or water cap that can kill an albatross in the Gulf of Mexico. So, I want to teach young people because older people should know better," he said.

Nine year old Ben Farley has become passionate about keeping the river clean.

"It's really fun and good for the environment. I don't want the Monongahela River to turn into a big pile of trash," said Farley.

The City of Morgantown helps to support the cleanup trips by donating $2,500 every year toward the boat's storage and maintenance.

A few weeks ago, the city installed a kiosk containing information about the river along with a trash barrel.

This setup is planned for two other points along the river. Terman hopes these the use of the trash barrels will play a large role in the reduction of litter.


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