Future murky for Meyers Lake Marina

March 2011 News
Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink - and perhaps none to fish in or boat upon for some in this lakefront village of 569 residents.

A disagreement between owners of the private Meyers Lake and a group it entrusted to manage the lake for nearly two decades has reached a watershed moment. Barring a compromise, the wake left behind will mean closing of the Meyers Lake Marina, no more public fishing on an adjacent pier, and a likely blockade to lake access for some condo owners.

"I already put my boat up for sale," said John McGovern, a retired autoworker who bought a condo on Cascade Circle NW three years ago. He stored his boat at the marina, but its closing could put him in dry dock.

It means no more mornings on the water, stalking his favorite prey, smallmouth bass.


To appreciate the problem, you first must understand how owners of the lake, lakefront and nonlakefront properties around the lake, and the marina are independent, yet depend on one another at the same time:

n The 144-acre lake is owned by Meyers Lake Preserve, a nonprofit corporation.

n Lakefront property owners pay the Preserve for a required annual boat sticker - ranging from $50 for kayaks and paddleboats to $325 for a pontoon boat.

n Many nonlakefront property owners, including those in condos such as Moonlight Bay II or Regal Association, were granted lake access by way of rental docks at the marina. They also must pay for boat stickers.

n Then there's the Fish Dock Inc., which operates the marina and pier. An offshoot of the  Meyers Lake Sportsman's Club, with about 75 members, it manages the lake for the preserve. Club members have used and fished the lake for free.

Until now, that is.

And that's the rub, with neither side budging.

In exchange for towing stranded boaters, running gas out to others, cleaning up dead fish and wild animals, picking up trash and a host of other duties, the Fish Dock was paid about $40,000 a year by the preserve.

That's the way it always  has been.

Until a snag occurred late this winter.

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