Locals lobby for boating facility

March 2011 News

It only takes one group of people with a go-getting drive to get the ball rolling for a $1.035 million project, as it is being proven on Curtis Island at the moment.

A group of residents have formed a committee, undertaken a lot of research and put together a proposal for a new boating facility to benefit the whole community and its visitors.

It is proposed that the boat ramp would be adjacent to the old shelter shed and the existing concrete slab that was the head of the old jetty be used for the start of the pontoon.

The group, the South End Smallcraft Facility, has a steering team consisting of John Abbott, Alan Smith, Philip Marks and Greg Mulvena as the main committee members.

Mr Smith said with the liquefied natural gas industry building in Gladstone, there was an opportunity to get some big business support.

He said the committee hoped to get some funding support from the LNG companies, along with other funding avenues, to get the project up and running.

Mr Smith said also, with more and more people wanting to live on Curtis Island, there was the need.

He said there was real cause for concern for the safety of boaters using the existing facility with rough swells making it hard for people to get in and out of boats where the stairs are, swells making it hard to load and unload boats at the boat ramp and rocks covering half the boat ramp.


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