Matter of safety

March 2011 News

There is no reason to compromise boating safety on Lake Winnipesaukee by creating a raceway in the busiest part of the lake.

The Broads front on many islands that are some of the largest and most populated on the lake (Rattlesnake, Diamond, Parker, Welsh, Cow, to name a few) so 150 feet off these island properties, boats would be able to race by at the higher speeds. The hundreds of residents of all these islands have to cross the Broads to access their property and would have to deal with boats traveling 55 mph (or higher) racing by!

The Broads are a confluence of all boat traffic on the lake: slow trolling fishing boats, sailboats, pontoon boats filled with families, small runabouts - all passing through the Broads simultaneously. This amendment, if passed, would have high-powered speedboats weaving around them all at 55 mph!

These speed discrepancies created the fear and trepidation on the lake before the 45/30 mph limits were in place. Why would you allow them to go back up?

Please urge your legislators to vote down this amendment and allow the safe, fair-to-all, commonsense 45/30 speed limits to remain in place.

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