The Touchless Cover

March 2011 News Brady L. Kay

There are more ways to cover your boat than there are manufacturers that build boats. And for most people snapping a mooring cover will continue to be the most common way, probably just because it's what we've been doing for so long that we don't know any better. But even the tedious task and labor of pushing snaps doesn't truly cover and protect your pontoon or deck boat perfectly. The snaps only go so far down, so while you might be protecting the inside of your boat, what about the pontoons or the hull of your deck boat? What's protecting them?

While in search of a better way, I came across The Touchless Cover. I had heard about this cover system before, but I was curious to see how it really worked. I didn't exactly go "undercover" to see it for myself. I just made a few phone calls during one of my recent trips and located an Innovative Marine Technologies (IMT) dealer that installs The Touchless Cover.

I was in the Tennessee area when I found Wally Gray, president of Gray Builders, Inc. I instantly connected with Gray because the place he wanted to meet up before going to see The Touchless Cover was one of the best barbecue places I've ever visited. It's called Ridgewood Barbecue in Bluff City, Tenn., and if you haven't heard of this place you're not alone. But once you've eaten at this restaurant that is off the beaten path, you'll never forget how to find your way back.

After the tasty lunch it was time to get busy. I followed Gray to an area that he referred to as "where the other half lives," which was a high-end community with property overlooking South Holston Lake. These weren't homes by the way-these were small hotels. At least that's the thought that crossed my mind when we pulled up to the home of one of Gray's customers.

"I'm the local dealer and I installed the lift as well as extended the dock," said Gray as we made our way towards the back of the house. "The owner said he wouldn't trade anything in the world for this boat cover."

With the combination of the boat lift, which is something that Gray also specializes in, The Touchless Cover truly does protect the entire boat, including the hull, with just a press of a button.

Gray demonstrated several times the operation of the cover as I just couldn't get over how easily it worked. The Sea Ray deck boat was completely protected from the elements. By a simple press of a button, the cover smoothly lowers over the boat.

"It's the easiest way you'll ever cover a boat up," says the IMT dealer who was obviously and rightfully, proud of his installation work. "One of the advantages is you'll probably only have to wash your boat once a year since this cover will keep everything clean. Plus it's going to increase the value of your boat if you ever go to trade it in."

The drive over to see the cover system in person was well worth the trip. It really is as easy to use as they say it is.

Full service installation packages are available in all 50 states, including in Tennessee, where Gray Builders is located. For information on The Touchless Cover call 877-679-2217 or visit To contact Gray in Kingsport, Tenn., call 423-288-3490.

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