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Published in the June 2011 Issue June 2011 Feature

The forum at isn't always serious business and solving problems. It's also a place for friends to gather and discuss opinions and interests, the better to get to know a fellow `tooner or deck boater. In keeping with the recent theme of music in the magazine, forum member oldcoot began a thread discussing an important part of summer cruising. Let's see what happened.

oldcootoldcoot requested: Jillie and I are putting together lists for our iPods for boating season...Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Beach Boys...any more ideas?


stickmanstickman suggested: A pontoon music playlist wouldn't be complete without Brad Paisley's Water and Sonny Ledfurd's Pontoon Boat.


RickPoRickPo had a different taste: Metallica, Slayer, AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN, That`s just for in the morning hours!


cwag911cwag911 revealed some marital strife: Good music Rick, my wife hates that stuff!


doskidoski had a suggestion and provided links: Nothing like some Nickelback to get the day/evening going.


wandertheglobewandertheglobe discussed the generation gap: My daughter has an iPod full of stuff I don't like, but has a "daddy-friendly" playlist that we use when she is on the `toon so she can listen to her music while dad is not going nuts listening to teen stuff that I don't recognize.

MoserMoser went tech-savvy: I really like the Pandora app on the phone. Lately I've been listening to the Marshall Tucker Band channel, and get a good mix of the guitar heavy southern style rock I like. I must have been out of touch when they were really active, but I just discovered Government Mule, and that boy can play the guitar.

oldcootoldcoot introduced actual song lyrics to the thread: Put some Buffett and some Zac Brown Band on. "I got my toes in the water, my seat in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer in my hand, life is good today."


oldmanoftheseaoldmanofthesea dispensed of some old man wisdom: Nothing beats The Firehouse Five + Two. Try it you'll like it IMHO.

To read this thread in its entirety, visit the forums at and search for the "`Toonin' Music" thread.

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