Product Test No. 91: Grease Monkey

Published in the June 2011 Issue June 2011 PDB Tested

Grease Monkey Cleaning WipesWorking on anything mechanical is virtually guaranteed to be a messy experience. Whether it's oil or some other kind of lubricant, or just plain old dirt, there is plenty of gunk to stain your hands as you maneuver around. This is why mechanics are always on the lookout for the next best cleaning agent, and Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipes - BeforeGrease Monkey Wipes might just be the latest and greatest thing to hit this market.

While at the PDB Shootout, I had the chance to test these wipes out after fiddling with a faulty outboard on the photo boat. As the pictures demonstrate, my hands were pretty filthy, and there was no way I was going to board a nice, new deck boat with the Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipespotential to stain, either permanently or temporarily, the seats, dash, etc. I ripped open an individually-wrapped set of wipes and went to town.Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipes - After

I must say the wipes worked better than I anticipated. There's not much moisture to them, so I didn't expect the dirt and gunk removal to be so quick or thorough. The pack comes with two wipes, and while I used the second one, it wasn't entirely needed. I appreciated that the wipes did not tear as they were being used.

The end result was definitely acceptable, and I boarded the next boat to be tested without a care in the world.

Grease Monkey Wipes are available at the company's website in either the aforementioned individually-wrapped variety, or the canister. Three packs of the wipes (six in total) will run you $5.95, while a combo of six packs and a 30-count canister is $13.50. Seems going big is the way to go here, and I'd definitely pay $14 for almost 40 of these things. It's worth it to get my hands clean on one, maybe two wipes instead of five or six like some other similar products.

-Brandon Barrus, PDB

Product: 93
Portable: 20/20
Function: 48/50
Durability: 8/10
Design: 8/10
Price: 9/10

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