Guilford Lake Parade of Boats

July 2011 News

While most communities line Main Street to celebrate the Fourth of July, Guilford Lake goers line the shore line.

"Bigger lakes have yacht clubs but we decided to have a red neck boat club, and since we have all pontoon boats, we can't very well have a car parade," said Joyce Lasky of the Boat Club of Guilford Lake Civic Association.

Even so, some boats were decorated to look like cars.

"I just really like seeing all the creativity that goes on here!" exclaimed Kay Milhoan.

That creativity also helped turn one pontoon boat into a floating Declaration of Independence, and another into Steelers Nation. All of the boats were decked out to fit this year's theme, which was "your favorite decade."

"Everybody was talking about doing the 1960s and they wanted to do the hippie theme, but we figured a lot of people would do that," said Jordan Wrask. "I just came up with Animal House off the top of my head and we went with it!"

But the annual parade of boats wasn't always such a grand affair.  "The first year, four boats went out in the rain," recalls Lasky.

Peg Leone is one of the original organizers who led that fleet in its maiden voyage around Guilford Lake.

"We've become the flag ship, and that's how we lead the parade," said Leone. "Every year it has grown."

This year, 21 boats cruised the hour and a half long parade route to celebrate the holiday.


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