Make A Statement With Aluminum Cup Holders

Published in the July 2011 Issue Published online: Jul 15, 2011 Ask The Expert
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Because beauty is in the details, there's no item too small to look its best. The colorful powder-coated aluminum cup holders from Beckson Marine are both eye-catching and practical.

Easily installed, these glossy cup holders can either be snugly inserted into Beckson's plastic Recessed Drink Holders or caulked into hard surfaces with no extra fastener. They add distinction to your pontoon or deck boat.

The standard anodized colors are gloss clear or flat black. Also available in bright blue or green, vivid red or elegant gold, the cup holders will match or contrast with any interior or exterior d├ęcor. Available in almost any color at the OEM level, they're also great as aftermarket accessories.

Non-corroding, the aluminum cup holders are easily removed for cleaning. Measuring 3 5/8 inches by 3 5/16 inches deep, the 4 3/8-inch flange outside diameter is wide enough to hide the surface beneath.

Beckson Marine's Powder-Coated Aluminum Cup Holders have a suggested retail price of $17.50 each. For more information visit


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