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Pontoon and deck boats are the premier in boating comfort. We choose them for the extra seating, extra cup holders and extra room to dance when the music gets loud. Toss in a cooler for drinks and ice cream bars, and you're set. Or are you? Recently, forum member WoodenPontoon came to the board bragging about a new purchase designed to make his boating life even sweeter. Let's see what happened.

WoodenPontoon said: I found a marine fridge in craigslist this past weekend. My original plans called for one, but my pocketbook said NO WAY when I found out how much money it would take. The one I got was in good shape and was running when I went to look it over.

It came with a black door panel. There is nothing black on the topside of my boat, and it looks very strange to see some there. It will be replaced very soon with a "proper" door, made with mahogany wood like other sections of my pontoon.
Tonight I cut a hole under my sink unit and was able to fit the fridge in. There was actually a frame already in place to receive the unit. I'll get a few pictures in a few days and add them in.

Moser was curious: Very good Dan, what does a marine fridge run on? Will you build an entire door or cover the one it came with?

WoodenPontoon had a response: This fridge is dual-electric, running on both 110 AC and 12-volt DC. I'll be able to get the unit cold while it's in the driveway and then switch to 12-volt power.

I was actually thinking that I could get away with using a fridge for a camper instead of a marine version. The real difference between the two is that a camper version needs to be level for proper operation and a marine version can be off-level by 30 degrees and still work.
I will be painting the door and body frames tan to better match the upholstery. I will then build a new door panel only to cover the existing door.

stickman was impressed: I just ordered some armrests/cup holders to match my interior... but then again, my interior is not custom-fabbed wood trim like yours. Looking good, Dan.

To read this thread in its entirety, visit the forums at and search for the "Got something new" thread.

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