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Every pontoon and deck boat owner out there has dreamed of living on the water at one time or another. Some have made it happen, while for others, this remains a future goal. Imagine being able to wake up on a Saturday morning and walk out to your dock for a quick circle around the lake. No trailers, no hassle of driving several hours to enjoy that time; it's there whenever you want it. For those who do live on the shoreline, they know the importance of owning a dock and a boat lift. A dock adds practicality and class to your property and with today's technology, the maintenance and upkeep is almost nil. Plus a boat lift will allow you to keep your pontoon or deck boat clean and free of water-borne problems for as long as you own her.

If you've decided this is the life for you, take a look at these companies; all are ready and willing to help you make the transition from city life to water life.

Boat Guard

With a push of a button, the Boat Guard provides total protection for a pontoon boat, fully enclosing everything from the deck up. It not only protects the inside of your boat, but also covers the bimini top, motor, external railings and graphics. Best of all, your boat will be clean and free from debris every time you use it. The Boat Guard is a revolutionary approach to boat protection, combined with ease of operation, which equates to more time on the water. The Boat Guard can cover and uncover your boat in about 45 seconds, meaning you can use it several times in one day with no hassle.

Even better, the Boat Guard is the world's first wireless, motorized, retractable pontoon boat cover system. With a push of a button, the Boat Guard will open and close on its own and works very much like a convertible top on a car, using a wireless remote like the one you probably use to lock and unlock your car doors. And it's small enough to fit on your keychain too.

If you want to easily cover your boat after each use instead of struggling through it at the end of each weekend, the Boat Guard will keep your boat in better condition in the long run. Boats will keep a "like new" appearance for years.

Speak to a Boat Guard represent-ative by calling 989-424-1490 or visit

FLOE International

Looking for reasons to buy FLOE modular roll-in aluminum docks or boat lifts? Here are six! First, gorgeous shorefront appeal. Second, rock solid stability. Third, easiest to level. Fourth, modular design. Fifth, ease of installation and removal. And sixth, for 24 years, FLOE's quality and innovation has been and continues to be a leader in the dock and boat lift industry.

The docking system links modular dock sections together, versus using hard bolting, which leads to quicker adding or disconnecting sections. The dock can be added anywhere, making it easy to create custom dock configurations such as slips wherever you need one.

Disconnected sections can be moved independently to make installation and removal easy; in the "locked" position, dock sections are held securely in place and close together, while in the "transport" position, dock sections have a gap so they can pivot. This allows multiple sections to be pulled in and out of the water with ease.

Visit FLOE International at or call them at 800-336-6337.


Connect-A-Dock Inc. is a plastic marine products sales and marketing organization. Its current marine product line includes the 1000 and 2000 Series Connect-A-Dock plastic floating dock system, the Connect-A-Port and Dandy Dock drive-on Personal Water Craft (PWC) dock. The 1000 Series has a freeboard of 8 inches and the 2000 Series has a freeboard of 17 inches. Made from durable polyethylene plastic, the docks never need painting and will not rot, peel or splinter. Connect-A-Dock contains no foam, making it environmentally safe and completely recyclable. With noticeably impressive stability and ease of use, the dock can be added on to and reconfigured very easily at any time.

The floating dock system adjusts to fluctuating water conditions as the unique design of the float chambers traps air on the surface of the water for additional buoyancy. As the water levels change the dock raises and lowers.

Connect-A-Dock floating dock systems are versatile; the modules can be configured end to end or side to side, as long and wide as you wish and for many different applications or configurations on water or land.

Connect-A-Dock is engineered to be safe, with a skid-resistant surface that sheds both water and the sun's extreme heat. Everyone will appreciate the splinter and nail-free construction.

Visit Connect-A-Dock at or call 877-742-3071.

Marine Dock and Lift

Marine Dock and Lift was founded in 1993 and has grown quickly through the years. This is a company that stocks three main supply lines under one roof, which allows them to educate and inform their customers of the best each dock and lift line has to offer, and pick out the appropriate choice.

Want help with the initial setup of your dock and boat lift? Seasoned crews are on hand year-round to properly set up a purchase.

Located in the Chisago Lakes area, Marine Dock and Lift is located near South Center Lake giving its customers the feel and smells of what being on the lake is all about.

They manage EZ dock, Pier Pleasure and ShoreMaster, which allows an opportunity to compare products side-by-side and see the differences yourself. Each product line offers its strengths and price points. Step inside the showroom and you will find full-size displays. Color swatches of the canopies allow you to match up to a boat, pontoon, or landscape background.

Visit them at or call 651-257-4265.


ShoreMaster has created the next generation of "Tough as a Rhino" floating boat lifts to withstand the test of time. The Front Mount floating lift or the L-Arm floating lift features a brand new, completely revised tank for superior flotation and beefed up re-engineered galvanized steel frames. The new RhinoHoist Floating Lift tanks are constructed of rotationally molded polyethylene so they will not rot, corrode, or become brittle under the constant stress of a marine environment.

The galvanized steel frame of the Front Mount RhinoHoist has been hot dipped and has increased gussets, bracing for improved structural strength. The L-Arm RhinoHoist floating lift frame features 2.5-inch galvanized steel tubular constructed L-Arms and tank frames.

You'll be glad to know that the RhinoHoist is manufactured by ShoreMaster, recognized throughout the world as the innovative, easy to do business with, waterfront equipment manufacturer, placing the company as the best in the industry.

For nearly 40 years, ShoreMaster has covered the waterfront with world-class equipment designed to

help people enjoy their waterfront experience to the fullest. The company is well known throughout the world today for its wide ranging products in both residential and commercial applications. They put their products up against any other brand in the industry. ShoreMaster's complete line of residential docks and lifts are sold through an extensive network of knowledgeable, friendly dealers throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. ShoreMaster has become a brand name that is among the most widely recognized for docks and lifts, earning respect throughout the residential and commercial industry.

Visit ShoreMaster at or call 800-328-8945.


Sea-Legs is proud to be celebrating over 14 years of continuous growth with 300 dealers and more than 5,000 satisfied customers. They are the only onboard pontoon lift that is endorsed by major pontoon manufacturers which doesn't affect factory warranties. In addition, Sea-Legs also has exclusive agreements with numerous pontoon manufacturers to have Sea-Legs supplied as a factory-installed option.

Eliminate the hassle of struggling with heavy, bulky stationary lifts, raise and lower together or independently to any desired height.

Sea-Legs raises your pontoon six feet from the foot pad to the deck bottom, making it easy to park your pontoon in high winds and rough water. Eliminate drifting, the need for anchors, and banging against the dock, and raise the tubes out of the water when your pontoon is not in use, keeping your pontoons free from algae and discoloring.

Sea-Legs boat lifts are easily operated by a remote control, and work in muck and all other lakeshore bottoms. Easily installed on most 18- to 28-foot standard twin-tube or triple-tube pontoon boats, the lift system is built from sturdy structural aluminum with stainless steel pivot points to prevent corrosion and wear.

Visit Sea-Legs at or call them at 952-934-7001.

Stokes Dock Co.

Shane Stokes established Stokes Dock Co. in 2000 with a $600 paycheck and a vision to one day become the ultimate source for the waterfront living experience. With hard work, dedication, sacrifice, honesty, teamwork, quality-conscious decisions, constant self-improvement, quality workmanship and a deep-driven determination to succeed, Stokes Dock Co. is now closer than ever to making that valuable vision become a reality.

Its unwavering decisions, determination and devotion to the Stokes Dock Co. name recognition have also allowed them to develop a strong network of companies, manufacturers and representatives that are strictly devoted to providing only the best quality materials, components and services so that they can guarantee a promise to deliver each and every residential and commercial client nationwide with 100 percent client satisfaction.

Today at Stokes Dock Co., Inc., they design, research, develop, manufacture, build, service and sell new and used, residential and commercial boat docks, breakwater systems, boat lifts, floating homes, various marine products, dock accessories and more all over the nation.

Visit them at or call them at 573-348-2334.

Touchless Boat Cover

The Touchless Boat Cover is truly one of the leading automatic boat cover and protection systems available on the market. Eliminating all the hassles of a conventional boat cover, The Touchless Boat Cover's patented, remote controlled or one-touch design and marine-grade construction have earned it recognition as one of the most pristine, durable boat covering systems ever manufactured.

The Touchless Boat Covers have been developed as the automatic, hands-free cover for just about every boat application.

The simple one touch of a button (remote or switch) allows for a smooth, fast and convenient means of maximum protection. Imagine the relief of not dealing with traditional boat covers, tarps, snaps, hooks or struggling with enormous weighing fabric sides or sun shades for boats. Simply push a button and the cover raises and lowers. It's that easy. This unmatched protective covering system has evolved from the permanent boat dock in conjunction with such lifts as Ace, Hefty Hoist, Doozie, HydroHoist, Demco, to the mechanical lifts brands such as ShoreMaster, ShoreStation, SunStream, Hewitt, Floe, RGC, Great Lakes Lifts, Starr, Summit, Basta and many more freestanding lifts used in the Midwest and Northern states.

Forget the sun fading any vulnerable area of gel coat not sufficiently protected when parked under a canopy, roof structure, or exposed from conventional inferior boat covers. This cover will deliver the true full coverage from all harmful, damaging UV Rays, driving rain, animals and debris. This will ensure your boat is in showroom condition for as long as you have it under the cover. With over 13 years of development and all the numerous applications throughout the world, the Touchless Boat Cover has a model to fit your needs.

Visit them at or call 877-679-2217.

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