Top 10 Reasons

your family/kids need a boat

Published in the January 2012 Issue January 2012 Feature

Everyone thinks they need a new pontoon or deck boat, but just how badly do you need one? We've come up with a few quick notes to help you determine just how dire your situation really is. If you or anyone you know has experienced any one of these scenarios, run, don't walk, to your nearest boat dealer while you still can.

Your family needs a boat.

If your teenager is wearing a wetsuit while strapped to a wakeboard. in the tub.
If the neighbors' dog chasing your truck doesn't bother you because your child is always chasing his boat.
If you have a tow rope and insanely huge inflatable `toy' tied to your trucks trailer hitch.
If your kids like to wear life jackets on the slip'n slide, at the drinking fountain, or when it rains.
If your son asks for a bike with rear-lounge seats for this birthday.
If your kids get kicked out of the local pool for trying to water-ski.
If your basement floods often.on purpose!
If you fasten boat bumpers to your car doors before pulling into the garage or a parking space.
If the sign on your bedroom door reads, "No Wake Zone!"
Or if every time one of your kids falls down they are immediately surrounded by family members holding up small orange flags.

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