Product Test: Ratcheting ReadyWrench

March 2012 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

When the original ReadyWrench came out, I reviewed it in our PDB TESTED section and I had a lot of great things to say about it. In fact I gave it a score of 96 and called it a must-have for your boating toolbox.  

Well it didn't take Black & Decker very long to figure out a way to improve on what was already a great multi-function tool and release an upgraded version. The Ratcheting ReadyWrench is similar to the original as it combines 16 of the most popular standard (SAE) and metric (mm) socket sizes in one convenient hand tool. Forget bringing the entire socket set with you when you head to the lake; the Ratcheting ReadyWrench is one of my favorites.

But now that it has a ratcheting feature, it's going to be hard to beat. Available for $35 at all major retail stores nationwide, you get plenty of value for your investment. If the ratcheting feature isn't that important to you, the original is just $25, but I feel it's worth the upgrade.

The Ratcheting ReadyWrench is built to last, made of durable vanadium steel with a nickel chrome finish. I especially like the added touch of having the socket sizes laser etched into the wrench and color-coded for easy visibility. Improving on a great product wasn't easy, but Black & Decker found a way.

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