Video - The Dolphin Limousine: "At Your Service"

March 2012 News

Spring has sprung and there's a lotmore activity out on our waterways. This time of year brings many dolphins swimming in the Intracoastal and Josh Schrutt says he has the perfect vehicle for you to see them up close.

It's called the Dolphin Limousine, a 40-foot pontoon boat that Schrutt says attracts dolphins. "We have the long shaped tubes on the bottom and special paint that was researched and shows that the dolphins aren't afraid of the color. They almost think it's another school of dolphins and they come and interact with the vessel," says Schrutt.

"There they are, straight ahead, straight ahead," calls out Schrutt to a group of tourists on his boat as he spots a pod of dolphins under the Beach Boulevard bridge. "The dolphins feed a lot around the bridgeshere when the tide changes."

Schrutt owns the Crazy Fish Restaurant across the street from Beach Marina on Beach Boulevard at Jacksonville Beach. Last year he purchased an air boat to give tours on the Intracoastal.  This year he bought the less noisy pontoon boat for cruising and to get closer to sea animals.

We were out on the Intracoastal for about an hour and saw dozens of dolphins feeding and frolicking. "The dolphins are great.  I love to come out here and see the dolphins feeding and jumping around," says Jacksonville resident Barbara O'Sullivan.

Tickets to ride the Dolphin Limousine are $39 a person for a one hour ride.  Morning, midday and sunset tours are available.  Crazy Fish is located at 2510 2nd Ave. N in Jacksonville Beach across from AdventureLanding. The phone number is 904-334-8408.  You can also visit the Crazy Fish website to learn more information.

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