BoatFun Basketball available today

April 2012 News

Playing basketball can provide hours of enjoyment. And combining it with boating seems like a natural move for the millions of people who enjoy both. BoatFun Sports saw the need for a professional product and developed something that is specifically made for playing basketball by the boat. Their new kit includes a backboard, rim, net, attachment hardware and ball with an inflation needle. Basically you attach the hoop to your boat and start playing ball.

Founders, Al and Stephanie Buchweitz started the company when they realized there wasn't a similar product on the market. For years, their active family had enjoyed boating and watersports and had started improvising their own homemade versions of basketball while hanging out in the water. They were propelled into making their product ideas commercially available after playing boat basketball with close friends on a houseboat trip on Lake Cumberland, KY.  Al said, "We jumped into the water and played 2-on-2, guys against the girls while we were down at the lake.  Our friends had so much fun, they strongly encouraged us to get rolling and make our experience available to others.  Stephanie and I decided to formally launch the company within weeks.  And by the way, the girls won!"  

Over the past 4 months, Al and Stephanie have been testing their ideas at boat shows across the country.  Boating enthusiasts have consistently responded with the following comments:  "Fun!"  "I'm surprised that this hasn't this been done previously." "When and where can I buy one?" and "How much is it?"

BoatFun Basketball is available for purchase at for $99. Visit their website for more information, photos and instructions. 

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