Product Test: Jetboil Helios

April 2012 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

Next to safety equipment, food might just be the most important item onboard any boat. Of course chips and sandwiches will always have their place, but what about those times when you're in the mood for something a little warmer? Grilling is a popular option, but I went in search for something that took up a little less room.

Hikers have known about Jetboil for years, but most boaters aren't that concerned if a product weighs only 28 ounces or not, so sometimes we don't always check the obvious places when looking for products.

The Helios from Jetboil had everything on paper I was looking for, so the next step was to order one so I could test it for myself. The fuel can is sold separately and I was impressed that everything can fit inside the compact unit, including that can.

For $149.95 the Helios system comes with a FluxRing Pot with neoprene cozy, supporting burner base, push-button igniter assembly, fuel can stabilizer, windscreen, a lid and a bottom that doubles as a plate.

It was extremely easy to ignite, and on a hot day it didn't take long to get the water boiling for my corn. However, one tip I learned quickly is to beach the boat before you start cooking. When I started the water was calm, but even a little wake can slow down the process.

Not just for hikers, the all-in-one cooking system works great for boating, too, and the fact that it is lightweight and takes up hardly any room onboard is just a bonus. 

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