Product Test: Pelican MP3 protective case

April 2012 News

Today, many pontoon and deck boats have auxiliary inputs for MP3 players, which allow you to bring your favorite tunes with you on the water instead of having to rely on radio or a bulky collection of CD's. However, there is always the concern that a rogue splash of water, sand or other harmful substance could ruin your MP3 device, and that keeps many people from taking advantage of this feature on their boat.

Pelican Products has come up with a solution that I think is pretty handy. Their i1010 case is specially developed to protect your MP3 player from the elements, both on and off the water, while still allowing you to connect it to your boat's stereo system and blast Eric Clapton to your heart's content.

The exterior of the case is very sturdy plastic, which prevents damage due to crushing, as well. And when the case is snapped shut, it is definitely water resistant, as I found by splashing some water on it and then inspecting the interior. While the i1010 is not completely waterproof, so you don't want to take it snorkeling, it functions well as a way to keep your MP3 player safe from incidental water contact.

The inside of the case has a nice feel, and the rubber lining adds to the sense of safety and security. The i1010 is specifically designed for any first- or second-generation iPod, Nano or Shuffle, but it can fit players from other manufacturers, as well.

The interior also features a cable that plugs into your MP3 player's headphone jack, then leads to the exterior of the case to connect to a line-in cable. There is also a nice pocket inside the case for storing earbuds or other accessories.

A sport double-end tie down lets you attach the case to your belt or handhold on the boat, so you don't need to worry about it flying away when you're cruising at 40 miles per hour.

The i1010 does seem a bit bulky, especially in comparison to an iPod Nano or other similarly small MP3 player. But the versatility of being able to house many different models is a nice bonus.

The Pelican i1010 case is $11.95 at, which I find to be a good price for the peace of mind you get.

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