Product Test: Star brite

April 2012 PDB Tested

Pontoons and deck boats are built for parties. Some manufacturers embrace this concept more than others (Parti Kraft, I'm looking at you), but in general, a pontoon boat doesn't look complete unless there are 10 people on it, all having a great time.

Unfortunately, with this crowd come dirt and mud and other unsightly stains. We seem to test cleaning products a lot here at PDB, and for good reason; we're always looking for the next best way to keep that pontoon or deck boat looking like new, despite how many kids have spilled on the seats.

We tested the Star brite scuff eraser on a pontoon seat back that had become discolored with general black gunk. We found it to be very effective in removing the discoloration, but the eraser began to break apart after a while of scrubbing. They do give you two in the box, perhaps to make up for the fact that the erasers aren't super durable.

The eraser also removes scuffs and stains from plastic and fiberglass, so deck boat owners may want to give it a shot too. The functionality can further be extended to home use, on showers, tubs, tiles, faucets, and many more places, giving it an added bonus.

The Star brite scuff eraser is not available directly on the company's website, but you can buy a two-pack on for $6.29. The price seems very reasonable, though we would like to see the product hold up a bit better under tough circumstances. But at the end of the day it works great and it gets the job done so we'd use it again.  

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