Recycle This Spring

April 2012 News

After removing the shrinkwrap from a protected asset, many users don't know what to do with it. International premium shrinkwrap supplier, Dr. Shrink's REBAG recycling program offers an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to throwing shrinkwrap scraps or entire covers away.

The kit consists of a 30- by 50-inch clear bag with shrinkwrap removal directions printed on it, a closure device for the bag and a prepaid UPS return label, all neatly packaged in a hanging sack Each kit holds approximately 600 square feet of plastic.

To use REBAG, owners simply cut off the boat's cover above the perimeter band, after removing any zipper access doors, strapping and vents, and stuff it into the bag.  Then it is closed with the provided cable tie and the self-adhesive return label can be attached. The full REBAG can be picked up by UPS or dropped off at a UPS service center.

As it provides a fixed cost per unit for recycling, then marinas, boatyards and other shrinkwrap providers can utilize this program when selling covers to their customers.  REBAG keeps recyclable shrinkwrap out of the trash.

A single REBAG kit is $25, while a roll of 50 kits costs $1,100. For more information call 800-968-5147 or visit

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