PDB Tested: Ono's Polarized Sunglasses with Bifocals

May 2012 PDB Tested

"Finally, sunglasses for anglers with aging eyes." Yep, that's the line that sold me. I didn't need to hear any more, I was already interested. The thought of having just one pair of sunglasses where I could switch my focus from tying a lure to reading the water sounded good to me.

When I'm indoors, close up focus can be resolved with low-profile drug store readers. But outdoors, where those sun rays can do real damage to aging eyes, "solutions" like clip-ons, slip-overs and stick-on magnifiers don't earn a lot of points for style.

I had learned to accept the fact that I was going to have to switch from sunglasses to drug store readers and back again, while shifting eye focus each time. But that all changed when I followed up on tip to check into Ono's Trading Company.

Ono's has high-quality polarized sunglasses with low-profile bifocals that feature 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. Available in a variety of attractive styles, I decided to give it a try. All they needed was my personal reader number (2.00), style (went with the Curlew model) and then the color of lens (Blue-Mirror/Gray CR-39 lens) and I was all set. Now there are several different styles and colors, plus different price options, but this is just what I thought would work best for me.

The risk was a little high up front so I had to think twice about the $169.95 price before I ordered online (without the blue mirror, $149.99). But ever since I got them I have absolutely no regrets at all. They worked very well to see the water. The Bi-focal line was very minimal and I hardly knew it was there, and the magnification was a perfect fit for me. The cost wouldn't be prohibitive if you knew the benefits and how well they worked beforehand. I like them very much and if I were to loose them I would definitely replace them.

This was the best decision I ever made for my eyes and I have no problem letting others know about the benefits that Ono's has to offer.


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