PDB Tested: Ribz Pack

May 2012 PDB Tested

Ever wish you had more hands? Especially on a pontoon or deck boat? We've all been there, trying to keep our tools, pliers, knife and other important fishing materials straight either by using pants pockets or arranging stuff on the seats. In both cases, either accessibility or stability suffer. Prepare for the next time with the RIBZ front pack, veritable cornucopia of storage solutions, all hands free.

I tested the pack on a fishing trip, and was very impressed with how lightweight it is. We filled it with all kinds of fishing necessities and I hardly felt it at all. The secret is in weight redistribution; trying to hold a 10-pound weight with only your pinky finger is pretty hard, but spread that 10 pounds over a box you're carrying with both hands and suddenly it's not so difficult. Wearing the RIBZ Pack allows the weight of everything you're carrying to be far less noticeable.

In addition, the pack allowed me to carry many things at once, even lighter things that wouldn't necessarily cause strain. The pockets are located on the upper body, making them more accessible compared to just putting a packet of sunflower seeds in your pants pocket. The makers say it can hold up to 600 cubic inches of gear, and the pack itself (unloaded) weighs only 11 ounces.

The pack is sturdy, fully-adjustable and I didn't ever worry about ripping or tearing it with the tools placed inside. Plus the material is stain-resistant. The pack is available for $64.96 at www.ribzwear.com. I find the price to be fairly reasonable, especially if it keeps me from dropping my favorite knife overboard one day.

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